A project and a few items :)

Good afternoon!  It is such a beautiful day here in Arkansas!  After weeks of rain, it is a nice change.  The sun is out and it is an amazing thing.  :)


It’s been a productive day.  I started the next chapter in my required reading and I haven’t put on any make-up to do it.  :)  I love the weekend!!  My face gets to breath.  I also organized my coffee.  My dad has been begging me for months now to do this, so while we were at Wal-mart today I picked up a few containers to put the coffee in.  Once I got the coffee all set out to organize, I didn’t realize that I had so much!!  I am almost embarrassed to show you this picture.  ;)  Almost.




  1. Dunkin Donuts Peppermint
  2. Millstone Holiday Peppermint
  3. Godiva Caramel Pecan
  4. Dunkin donuts Pumpkin Spice
  5. Starbucks 2011 Thanksgiving blend
  6. Starbucks 2011 Christmas blend
  7. Kivu African blend
  8. Mocha Joe’s Espresso



Get this.  Some have yet to even be opened!  ;)


I also had to pick up some other items at the store…..



Going to give some Green Tea a try for in the afternoon. 

I hope your afternoon is going well!  I am off to fold some laundry. 



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6 thoughts on “A project and a few items :)

  1. Wow that is a lot of coffee! Your guests must love all those choices! I just organized my pantry with glass jars, and I love how much easier it is to find things. I hope the coffee storage makes life easier for you (and pleases your Dad ;) )

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