Scary clouds!

Hello!   How has/was your Friday (been)??   When it comes to banking, the end of/first of the month is always busy.  The rain did eventually stop and what came was lots of humidity.  Oh my word was it hot and ridiculous.  Whew!


After work, I headed home to finish gathering some things for my road trip to see my parents.  I headed out about 4:30 and made really good time!  It didn’t rain on me too bad, but it sure did look like the bottom would fall out.







I am pretty beat (yaaaaawn)…..mainly because 5:00 a.m. was a long time ago.  :)  I hope to get a good nights sleep, well as much as you can with an air mattress.




I had to stop by Wal-mart to pick up a couple of things before I made it to my final stop.  On my list?  Greek yogurt, coffee creamer, apples, almond milk and some frozen cherries.  I intended to pick up some bananas, but they were completely out!

That guy probably thinks that I am crazy!


When I finally made it to my parents RV, this is who I get to kiss on!

Sophie and Lucas.


Ok….I am off to close my eyes for at least 8 hours.  ;)  I am going to be dreaming of coffee.



Pretty sunset. :)

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