Chocolate Pie, Best Friends and Imperfection

Well hello there!  How’s your week going so far?  It’s Wednesday but it’s been a long week so far. Working at a financial institution and it being the first of the month is always a busy week.   In fact, its kind of been a twilight zone week.   Everybody in the world received a paycheck this week.  Everybody.

My braces have also been bothering me this week.  Wearing braces as an adult is not really all that fun and I can’t wait to get them off however, I know I will love the results!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Sorry for being MIA but I wanted to have some down time with family and my best friend that flew in for the holiday. 




I miss her!!

The first thing that we did was head to Starbucks and get some coffee and chatting in.


So so good!  Peppermint Mocha please!

It was so amazing to see her and just do friend things.  I can’t wait to go see her in a few months!





Her Grandma’s dog Bo.  He’s awesome. 



Of course there were cookies involved.  Chocolate fudge cookies with chocolate chunks and peppermint bits.  Recipe coming soon!


I only took two pictures of out Thanksgiving eats but it was a really great relaxing day…



My mom made a new pie recipe and it turned out really great! 


My brother getting his plate all fixed up!


So I have started reading this new book. 


Dove chocolate not included.



I am really not a huge fan of “self-help” books and I wouldn’t even categorize this book in that field.  With that said, so far this is such a great book!  The author of this book touches on some things that I have always struggled with.

  • Imperfection
  • Love/relationships
  • Belonging
  • Being enough
  • Connection
  • Self-Compassion
  • Gratitude and Joy

Everyone is different and everyone deals with things differently but the one thing I believe that we all have in common is that we all want to be loved and to love.  We all want to feel connected to something or someone.  We all want to be shown compassion but we also want to give it. 

We all want to know that being our dorky selves is okay.  And it is. 

There is a difference between “fitting in” and actually “belonging”.


This is the author definition of Connection:


The energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.


This is also how she leads in with the introduction of the book:

Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness.  It means cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think, No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough.  It’s going to bed at night thinking, Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.


I really love that last one.

I believe that it’s important to our health to cultivate good relationships and self-worth.  It’s also important to be who we are and who Christ created us to be.  No one else.








Piyo sweat!


I hope you have had a great day! 

Bring it, Monday

Happy Monday to you!  I hope your day started off with something amazing and fantastic! 

I had a wonderful weekend with my mom and the kiddos.





The order of stops:

  • JCP
  • Target
  • Kirkland’s
  • Wal-mart
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Home!

Our order at Chick-fil-A was nearly $30!!!  My mom looked at me and said, “they have $30 chicken???”  We order for two adults and two children and when the little lady handed me the bag, it was super heavy.  Of course they were very very busy so we just drove toward home.  My mom got to looking in the bag and realized that they charged us for six six-piece chicken nuggets instead of two.  No wonder!!  We did receive them so we just took them home and had the for a snack later.




Later that night the kids and I watched Meleficent.  Have you seen that movie yet??

So good!!  I was a little concerned as to whether or not they would like it but they really did!



Last night my lil man was super clingy.  He loves his human.  :)  Lately, he’s been getting under the cover and actually going to sleep curled up next to me.  He’s been through a lot with me!



Kate, from Kate Moving Forward shared this on Facebook and it just happens to be one of my favorite passages.  What reassurance!  I mean I have to usually just take it day by day but when it comes right down to it, He has it all worked out.  And He loves us so very much. 



This morning I got up at 4:30 and couldn’t wait to get my workout in!  Hey…..I’ll take it as it comes.  Most mornings I have to drag myself out of bed to get going.  I did my Piyo, which I love, and it felt great!

I love the way that it makes me feel after the workout is complete.  If you haven’t heard of it, you really must check it out!


Welp, got to run!  I hope you had a great day!!

Hugs and Love

Well good morning!  I don’t know where you are but the weather here in Arkansas has been amazing the last few days.  I am hoping to get out and enjoy some of this amazing weather!

I am supposed to meet up with a friend today to go see a movie, check out Whole Foods and then get some coffee. 


My favorite place!!

If our plans don’t work out, then I will probably will go anyway!



I love this picture.  Mainly because I really do hope for this.  I know that it exists.  It has to. 

I am off to work out and shower!  Have a wonderful day!

Hi, Hey and Hello

Well hello there!  Long time no post!   I am typing from my new laptop!  :)   It’s been a long time since I last posted and so much has happened since then but mainly just life.  Work is still work and is busier than ever.  I have been on vacation this past week!  Nothing really exciting going on but I did go see my parents who live somewhere else part time.  Very low key where they live, which was something I was looking forward to.  It did rain the first three days that I was there but I didn’t mind it at all.  It gave me a chance to rest. 

What I didn’t like was the fact that I didn’t work out at all.  None.  Zero.  Lol….  I am home now and excited to get back into a routine of eating healthy and working out.  Something I love!



My dad and I did stand in line to go see Ricky Skaggs Saturday night!  If you are from the south, you know who he is!  Bluegrass! 



Isn’t she beautiful!?!  Her name is Lizzie and she was just the cutest thing! 



Coffee was a necessity :)



I spent a lot of time reading Lysa TerKeurst’s book Unglued.  Such a great book!


Name change:

One of the things that I am thinking about doing is changing my blog name.  Not that I won’t include my faith, fitness and hopefully laughter, I just feel like a change is necessary. 



This was taken on when we celebrated my nieces birthday  :)



If you have been following me for a while, you’ll know when I say…. My hair is finally getting some good length on it!  :)



This is at my high school reunion last July.  Short hair! 


Alrighty…. I am going to be playing on my new computer so I’ll see you guys later :)

Rambles of rambles

Morning my friends Smile  I hope you are having an amazing week so far!  Sorry I have been MIA lately, but without my posts looking like Ground Hog Day, I opted to not post.  In the last two days I have started and stopped what feels like to be 50 times! 

This summer in Arkansas has been pretty amazing…  Usually this time of the year we are seeing triple digits and very high humidity.  The humidity is still here, but the temps have actually been mild to me.  We do have  over a month to go so I am sure it’s still going to be hot.  I have enjoyed being able to get outside and it not be so unbearable.   I enjoying going outside on my lunch breaks so I hope these mild temperatures don’t change.


I get off at noon today and I am pretty excited about it.  Eeek!


I was in Wal-mart the other day with my mom and we went down one of the isle that has some candles.  Guess what??  They have fall candles out now!  This totally made me smile.  Fall is probably my favorite time of the year and I can’t wait to dig my sweaters and scarves out!


My workouts are still going strong and I feel great.  I typically just run 2-3 days a week and my rest days usually fall on Sunday, which I like.  It’s funny, when I first started running and couldn’t run a long distance it used to frustrate me so much.  Now?  I just enjoy the act of running even if I don’t run a long distance.  I just run.  I actually run for time and not for distance and it’s renewed a joy for running. 


Tips for Running:


  1. Get the right shoes.  When I first started running, I just thought that you could get any shoe and run.  This is not true.  Getting sized was the best thing that I could have done. Find a good running store and they will do it for free!  Oh lord I can remember getting blisters that were just horrible when I first started running!  Agh!
  2. Walk/Run.  Don’t feel any shame if you use this method.  I do on occasion.  I think it’s all about listening to your body and building up endurance.
  3. Water is your friend.  Be sure and be properly hydrated when it comes to your runs. 
  4. Strength training can be your friend too.  I can tell a huge difference in my endurance by getting in some strength training. 
  5. Food.  When it comes to food and running, I used to think that you could just eat what you wanted and get a run in.  Wrong.  If I eat junk, my run is junk and I feel horrible.  Fueling my body correctly and then running is an amazing feeling.  Running will also make you want to eat like a cow too, so fuel the body with good foods.
  6. Don’t compare yourself.  One of the beauties of running is that you will run like no one else.  Your pace won’t be like everyone else’s and your body will react differently too.  Oh how this worked against me when I started running.  Just enjoy the act of your body running and think about that.


These aren’t the best, but they work for me.  Listen to your body and no what it can and can’t take.  Smile



I enjoy baking so so much but I have limited my baking as of late due to the fact that the ingredients are kind of expensive.


Is anyone else watching the show Under the Dome??






That’s it guys!  Hope you have a great day!


Good morning sunshine!!  Oh wait… 



The sun isn’t out yet.. Smile  


I’m in Mt View AR with my parents the next couple of days and you would think that my body would have wanted to sleep in this morning.  Um, no it didn’t.  I laid in “couch” from 5:00 to about 5:30, but then decided to go ahead and get up.  The thing about living in a camper, which is what my parents do for most of the year, is that it’s small.  Oh it’s great for them and they have a blast, but add another adult in there and it can get a bit crowded.  I don’t think they mind though…. Smile  I am their adorable daughter and all…. Winking smile  

Walking around in the camper does move it around though… 


Anyway, I’m up and it’s foggy.  But I do have this in hand…



A gift from my parents.  They know me so well!


I left work at 4:00 yesterday and just drove straight here, which is about a 2 1/2 –3 hour drive.  Not too bad, but man I was so tired when I got here.   I will be heading back home Sunday morning, so it’s going to be a short trip but that’s ok. 


I have sat here for the last two hours trying to come up with something really cool to say but……………nothing.  So I am going to run and hopefully the fog will disappear, outside and in my head.  Smile


See you guys later!! 

Choosing to Lose

Hello my friends Smile  How are you this Wednesday morning?  For some reason I tossed and turned last night and the night before.  Friday I am leaving after work to see my parents!  I am pretty excited about it because they have been gone for a while now.  They took a big trip this summer up to South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and even New Mexico.  I got a message from my mom yesterday telling me they were at home and glad to be.  Oh, and that they were tired.  Smile 





Let’s get right to the topic that I want to talk about this morning.  I realized something over the weekend and really wanted to share it with you.  I like my body.  Crazy thought, I know!  But I do! While I was hiking Saturday, I felt very thankful that I have the ability to climb and walk long distance and even run a few steps too.  I wasn’t at all self conscious about my weight or what I was even wearing at the time of my hike.  I just didn’t care.  I just felt very thankful!  I have strong legs and I am thankful for that Smile.


This got me to thinking about how and why people make the choice to lose weight.  There were many days I just wanted to drop the weight overnight knowing that that was impossible.  The weight didn’t get there overnight, so it won’t come off that way. 




I had to make the choice to lose the weight for myself and for no one else.  I don’t even actually want to be skinny.  I want to be healthy and fit and be able to climb a mountain without passing out.  You get there.  You really do, but you have to keep pushing forward.

Do I have hard days where I make poor food choices?  You bet.  In fact, the other day was horrible!  Let’s just say there was a slice of pizza, copious amounts of cookies, and chocolate lucky charms. 








I just feel good.  I enjoy working out, eating new (and sometimes strange) things, figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t.  I even enjoy lifting weights.  I am actually starting to feel and see a difference in my legs.  Especially when it comes to running.  The endurance alone! I ran before work yesterday and it felt amazing!







Small choices and changes make a huge difference.  You won’t notice them at first, but one day you will wake up and just know. 



Do it

Make good choices

Make bad choices (it reminds you that you are human)

Drink water

Eat less sugar

Avoid artificial sweeteners

Eat green food (not spoiled!)


Walk, if that’s all you can do


And sleep some more

Take time for yourself

Listen to your body

But push yourself beyond what you think you can do every once in a while

and drink more water


One of the difficult things about losing weight or making any kind of lifestyle change will be the difficult days.  There were days that when I made one bad decision I felt like my whole day was shot.  Don’t believe that!  Our days are made up of tons of small decisions, making one to get back on track will be part of it.  With food or with working out.  Don’t let the bad days dictate how you approach healthy living, even when the new wears off.  And it will, trust me. 

Be who you are and take it one day at a time. 





(crude I know, but it was too funny!)




I hope you have a great day…..  I’m off to do some cleanin and some pressin.  45 minute Pump!