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Go to stress eater…..

on December 16, 2011

I am a professed stress eater……Happy, sad, mad, bored, you name it I have gone to food to make me feel better or to reward myself.  Yesterday was no exception to want to resort back to eating like that.  I love to get my workout in first thing in the morning.  Didn’t happen.  No problem, I can do it when I get home.  Didn’t happen.  🙂   Finally getting the blog switched over to another domain, while not being all that computer savy, was let’s say um “can I have a whole bag of M&M’s please!”  The BIG bag!

I did manage to eat breakfast yesterday 🙂

This included:

1/3 cup of old fashion oats

1 palm full of Kashi go Lean cereal

1 tsp of chia seeds

1 tbls of ground flax

Almond Breeze and some Lite chocolate silk milk

1 tbls of Peanut Butter



Well hello coffee!  I was dreaming about you all night! 🙂


Let’s get back to the stress talk.  Do you ever get up in the morning and you get your day started, either at work or in your living room, you turn around and you keep having to pick your rear up?  It drags ALL day long?  Boy do I hate those kind of days.  That was my day yesterday.  I am notorious for not getting enough sleep.  (That durn DVR!)  But a lot of times I can’t turn my mind off when I lay down and end up tossing and turning.  That was my day yesterday.  So from the moment I got up everything was foggy.  Which made for a long day to say the least.  So, with that said, today is a new day!  I am going to remember that I am only one person and can’t save the world.  That I can’t buy everyone in the world a coat, but I can speak to the person standing next to me.  I can’t feed the entire world, but I can certainly pay for a friends lunch.  It’s Christmas!  A time where everything looks and smells different.  Spices and smiles!

Last night’s dinner was going to be a bowl of hot and spicy cheese dip with some chips…..I stopped and took a deep breath and then made me a smoothie:

Let’s just say that all of these ingredients mixed up together make the best smoothie

In the blender:


chia seeds


1 frozen banana

frozen blueberries


Ok, so I am getting ready for work as I type this. 🙂  I have to go blow dry my hair and brush my teeth.  I hope that you have a great day!!

Oh!  Did you see the police officer that held the hand of the woman that was pinned under a bus? He held her hand until they were able to get her out.  Did you see baby Melinda that was born the third smallest baby in the world and not expected to live.  She’s 3 1/2 months old now.

One last picture:

Well, maybe two..;)  A Memorial in Kazakhstan

Peace out!


4 responses to “Go to stress eater…..

  1. Maren says:

    I love pictures of cats! They’re so funny.

    I’m an emotional eater too. It’s gotten so much better since I graduated from college and I no longer have exams, pressures to read massive amounts of articles and just stress from college in general. But I still haven’t completely gotten rid of my emotional eating tendencies.

    As soon as I have any kind of challenging day I see my small portions and healthy choices go completely out the window. But I’m happy that there is progress, even if it’s small and seemingly insignificant. A little bit better is a little bit better and once a bunch of little bits are all stacked up together they’ll be a big deal better. 😀

  2. oh girl, i can totally relate to the stress eating! forcing myself to squeeze in just a small amount of exercise or taking a deep breath like you said usually help me to snap out of it.

    your blog is looking great!! it’s much easier to comment now too. 🙂

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