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Christmas time is here…

on December 17, 2011

So by the title I am about to watch, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”    I can remember reading that to my niece when she was um…younger.  I still can’t believe she’s 7!  Anyway, I was reading it to her and when we got to the end I started to cry.  Probably will tonight too. 😉

I did manage to get my workout in this morning, which is the only way!  I love that feeling when I am done and my lungs are expanded.  Ahhh the endorphins.   Post workout I went for an English muffin with one egg, a slice of canadian bacon and some Pumpkin butter on one side of the muffin.  It hit the spot!

I found this article at about what stress can do to our bodies….I thought it would be an interesting read.

How Stress Can Hurt Us

It has been estimated that two-thirds of all visits to physicians are for stress-related problems. Recent evidence indicates that the physical changes associated with stress may contribute to the leading causes of death – heart disease and cancer.

The effects of stress include the following:

  • Stress can cause chronic fatigue, digestive upsets, headaches, and back pain.
  • Stress can affect the blood cells that help you fight off infection, so you are more likely to get colds and other diseases.
  • Constant stress can increase blood pressure and can increase the risk for stroke.
  • Stress can increase the danger of heart attacks, particularly if you are often angry and mistrustful.
  • Stress can make an asthma attack worse.
  • Stress triggers behaviors that contribute to death and disability, such as smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, and overeating.
  • Stress can lead to diminished sexual desire and an inability to achieve orgasm.
  • Stress makes it harder to take other steps to improve health, such as giving up smoking or making changes in diet.

By my afternoon snack I was pretty hungry.  Strawberry Greek yogurt!!  Where have you been????  This, so far, has to be my favorite.

So, I debated all day today to go shopping tonight after work.  This weekend is supposed to be the busiest shopping time of December.  I am off tomorrow, but I think I will enjoy sleeping in and chilling out.  My church is having this “Progressive Dinner” tomorrow night.  Three houses-three meals.  The first house we hit has the appetizers.  The second has the veggies and meats. The final house, of course has the desserts.  I think this will be my favorite house!  I will be sure and post some pics of the sweets 🙂

Dinner was extra special… them sweet potato wedges!

In the mix: 1 pork chop, sweet potato wedges, carrots, and some blackeyed peas.  Yum!

Hope you have a great night!

Question for the night:

How do you feel about canned veggies?? 


6 responses to “Christmas time is here…

  1. Kim says:

    I wish I had your willpower & determination to get fit. The article about stress is my life in so many ways. I did great with my eating & exercising while pregnant & now it’s all fallen by the wayside chasing after a 1 year old. My life is very stressful right now & I know I need to make changes in many ways. I having a great husband that supports me & I know I need to do better for him & Emily. I’m proud of you for being such a strong person Brandi!

    • Thank you Kim! You know, it’s about small changes. If I set back and think about making all these big changes at once I won’t do it. Make one small decision and stick to it for one week. Like adding a veggie to your diet. The next week keep the veggie and then make one other small change. The important thing to do is not to be so hard on yourself. Having a game plan always helps and I know that you can do it. 🙂

  2. i love progressive dinners! they’re so much fun. we used to do them all the time in college.

    mmm i love sweet potato wedges too! i love sweet potato anything actually.

    enjoy your day! 🙂

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