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Wow! What a busy day!

on December 22, 2011

Just as I knew it was going to be.  Today was non-stop!  People need money!  🙂  The nice thing about today??  It went by super fast…:)  My best friend came home for Christmas too!  She is my dearest and closest friend.  She has such a beautiful spirit about her and I thank God everyday that she is in my life.  Mostly to laugh at my dorky jokes and crazy dance moves!!

Angey 🙂

My soul sister!


Well, I am settling in for the night.  I’ve got another big (and busy) day tomorrow.  Let’s hope this one goes by just as fast!  🙂  To get into the Christmas Spirit I am going to watch a movie that will totally remind me of that.  The Nativity Story…


I wanted to share another Kazakhstan photo with you.  Not to long ago the team that went to Kazakhstan had a reunion and I wanted to share this photo with you.  There is one missing, but this is our team.  We hope to go back, but this time to Sochi Russia.

The couple on the far right are the missionaries that we stayed with.  Awesome couple!!  I love you Don and Diane!

I also wanted to tell you about a great post one of my blogger friends posted.  You can find it at:

Good night!



4 responses to “Wow! What a busy day!

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says:

    Thanks for popping by my blog 🙂 Happy Holidays to you & your family!

  2. how fun to have your best friend in town! nothing compares to having great company. 🙂 enjoy your fun festivities today!

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