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Today is my Friday!

on December 28, 2011

So I have been counting the days down to this Wednesday.  This Wednesday was my Friday!  I am off until the 3rd and I am going to try to enjoy myself until then.  🙂  Work started off kind of bumpy, but soon settled down.

My lunch breaks are now going to be consumed by reading the new Nicholas Sparks book; The Best of Me.  I can’t put it down.  When you start a book, do you get sucked in by the characters?  I am really getting attached to these characters and their growth…..which means something bad or tragic is going to happen to one of them and I will end the book by crying like a baby.

This is what I saw on my lunch break….

Since I didn’t have to be at work until 10:00 a.m. today I relished the idea of sleeping in a little, but once I got up I went right to the DVD player to start my workout.  Again, lay your clothes out and put the DVD in the player so there are NO excuses.  🙂  Just do it! As Nike would say.   I am still doing The Firm DVD’s, but come January 1st I am going to start running again.  I gave myself one month to let the muscle in my stomach heal, so we will see what happens.

I am still on my Dannon Greek yogurt kick…..the one difference today???  I added an orange to the mix.  It wasn’t all that sweet, but it was a nice addition to the yogurt.

Have you seen the movie Abduction with Taylor Lautner yet?  I am not a huge fan of the Twilight series so I wasn’t sure if I would like it.  I had some issues with the satellite network that I use and for my time they gave me a couple of free PPV movie passes.  I wasn’t quite sure what to rent, but ended up renting Abduction.  It was pretty good.  Better than I thought it was going to be actually.

Remember the mission trip to Kazakhstan?  Well here is another picture or two.  🙂  The missionaries we stayed with were awesome!  Mrs. Diane (the wife) made some tea one afternoon and we had our own little tea party.  It was lots of fun and very sweet!

While I was there I had a translator and she was a God send.  It’s funny, there were times when her English was better than mine!  I miss you Nastia!

Welp, this is what I will be looking at for the rest of the night…

Have a great night!  Sleep, eat well, and drink lots of water!


4 responses to “Today is my Friday!

  1. Well Happy Friday. And you have reminded me that I need to find a good book to read. Keep hearing all this hype about Hunger Games. Think I might need to check it out!

  2. Kayla says:

    I love books that keep drawing you in!!! The pictures of the book are neat they look like they could be screensavers! 🙂 Enjoy your break!!

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