Faith Fitness and Laughter

Let’s go to the movies!

on December 29, 2011

Hello!!   I really do love having days off, but sometimes it can throw a schedule off.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved not having the pressure to get out of bed and that I got to take my time with breakfast, but having a job where I work 40 hours a week puts me on a sometimes rigid schedule.  Where do I start????   How about a workout!

Still stuck on my Firm DVD’s, which I am still loving.  It gets the job done because I am drenched when I am finished!  My legs are sore from yesterdays workout!

Post workout, I dug into some oats that included; old fashion oats, chia seeds, flax, Peanut butter, molasses, water and almond milk.  There’s a banana in the picture, but I was super full after the oats so I didn’t eat it.

I had to make a flying trip to the vets office this morning for some medicine for this little guy…

Um, how shall I put it delicately.  He is spraying things in the  house.  He has done this before and the vet said that it’s brought on by stress, poor little guy.  Thank goodness the medicine isn’t oral.  You just plug it in the wall and let it do its job.  It works and is human friendly.

My brother and I went to see The War Horse today.  You must go see this movie.  It’s directed by Steven Spielberg and he does not disappoint.   Bring tissues!  I am moving to England to raise horses first thing in the morning!  lol! 🙂


My brother and I had a normal childhood.  You know, we played, we fought, we played some more.  As we got older however, it turned into a great friendship.  I love that we can hang out with each other and cut up.  Good times. 🙂

When I dropped my brother off at his house I had to get some love from this little guy…

He told my sister-n-law, “I need to talk to her by myself.”  He leaned in and said, “I will miss you.”  I feel a sleepover coming on soon.  😉

It’s dinner time, but I have no idea what to eat.  Since the whole tummy thing I haven’t had much of an appetite.

So tomorrow is Friday, and another day off.  What to do??  I have nothing planned, but don’t want to stay in the house all day.  I want to go hiking, but really don’t think it would be safe to go alone.  Hmmm??

Going to spend the rest of the night reading and reading some more….:)  Have a great night!!






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