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Working out is a must

on December 31, 2011

I get a lot of questions as to how to stay motivated when it comes working out. First, let me say that I am in no way a personal trainer, or am I educated in the Fitness world enough to give advice.

When it comes to trying to trim up or even just staying healthy, doing some sort of exercise comes along with the program.  My main motivation is that I am a workout junkie and I just love it.  Second, there is a history of heart problems in my family and I want to start now at making wise decisions.  With that said, here is a list of reasons why I love working out:

  • It lowers your risk of high blood pressure
  • boosts the metabolism
  • helps you sleep better
  • lowers your risk of heart disease
  • helps maintain weight
  • makes you feel good
  • self-esteem

God’s word says that our bodies are a temple and we are to treat it as such.  When I put things in my body that are not good or I make unwise eating choices this damages my it.  This one is probably the main reason I love to workout so much.

There are many other reasons as to why I like to workout, but these are the major ones.  🙂

Before dinner last night I was feeling a little hungry so I grabbed a palm full of some Winter Spiced nuts.  They were pretty good. 🙂

I loved last nights dinner!

Salmon, whole wheat penne pasta, and some roasted broccoli.    I usually make my salmon really dry, but it turned out really great and it was really pretty.  I thought it was anyway….;)

Well, a cold has landed on my face.  :/  I have been around a few people who have had similar symptoms, so I was waiting for it to land.  It has.  I went to bed last night at 8:35 p.m. and didn’t get up this morning until 8:30!  I haven’t slept that long in forever!

For breakfast, I wanted something really warm, so I went with some oats…….and coffee. 🙂

I am going to finish up here and finish my cup of coffee and then decide whether or not to workout.  I try to at least workout 6 days a week and I have already had a “rest” day this week, so in my mind I think I should, but what do you think?  Work out or rest?  Do you work out when you are sick? Listening to my body is something that I am still learning to do.

I hope that you have a great day and check ya later!!


2 responses to “Working out is a must

  1. Maren says:

    Ooo those winter spiced nuts look great. I’ve never seen them out here. I think working out is all about desire. You gotta want it and work for it. I do always love that I worked out after I did it, and usually while I’m doing it. But before I gotta kick my butt out the door.

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