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Second run and a faster pace!

on January 6, 2012

Well hello there!  This may be a short post today.  I feel like I have been getting into bed so late this week, so I want to have time to fit everything in tonight.  🙂  This includes fitting in some quiet time.

Last nights dinner was the best!  I am still doing the BodyRock challenge this week, so last night I was pretty hungry when I finally sat down to eat.  Sweet potato’s, green beans, greek yogurt with chex cereal, and an orange.

I didn’t finish the green beans or the oranges, but I ate them today for lunch…:)

Along with a salad, and  Key Lime Greek Yogurt.  This was a super filling lunch 🙂  I have a horrible sweet tooth, so I made me a “mocha” out of a packet of Hot chocolate and coffee.

I finished off my day with more pistachio’s and a gluten-free bar.  Which by the way really fueled my run when I got off work.

Now what I really wanted to get to.  As I said earlier, I went on my second run tonight after I got off from work.  I only did just over two miles again, but, there was no walking and my pace was 8.59!!  It’s crazy that it’s faster on the ground than it is on the treadmill.  Of course, the treadmill that I run on is an antique.  😉   I just finished my fifth day of the BodyRock challenge and I am a hot mess.  Literally, a hot mess.  Tummy is growling and A Gifted Man is DVR’d.

Thank you Father God for allowing me to complete this run tonight!  🙂

Have a great night!!


2 responses to “Second run and a faster pace!

  1. I love me some quiet time. And mindfully, its healthy to get in some unplugged time. 😉

    BTW, I often fix hot chocolate & coffee together at work. So good! But I don’t get the whipped to go with it. *bum*
    Have a great weekend!

    • I had a friend that introduced me to those drinks….We would make them every time we had a girls night with all of our co-workers. Good times! Sadly, she passed away from Lou Gehrig’s.
      I just happened to have some sugar free cool whip, probably could have done without it, but is sure was good! 🙂

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