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Money Ball and a nap

on January 15, 2012

I love rest days.  No, I really do love them.  🙂  As I posted yesterday I kept my niece and nephew last night.  For some reason they didn’t want to sleep, so there were a few up and downs last night and into the morning.  I probably got about 4 1/2 hours of sleep.  But we had SO much fun!  They even worked out with me and we played tag out in the yard.

I also got some running gear in the mail yesterday!   I was in dire need of some long sleeve running shirts.


All in all it was a good afternoon!


Breakfast this morning was one of my usual so I won’t post a pic, but an English muffin, egg, and turkey bacon always hits the spot!


Here’s the beauty of a small town.  After church this morning, I headed to Wal-mart for some milk (I was completely out!) and I ran into a customer of mine, church members, and family.  Ahhh I love small towns!  🙂   Working in the public there are days when I feel like I am running for office when I go somewhere.


Lunch today was something totally different and I loved it!  Not different in that I haven’t had it before, but it was a super cool change.


Turkey sandwich with spinach, lettuce and Annie’s bbq tangy sauce.  Pop chips and a Clementine.  Ooooh this was good!  Clementines seem to be all the rage right now, so I thought that I would give ’em a try.  It did not disappoint.

As far as workouts, today was my rest day and I was SO glad it was.  With the lack of sleep, a nap was needed big time.  Once I got comfy I had a little trouble falling asleep, but finally my brain shut down and I was out.  It was one of those naps that you wake up feeling like you have been in a coma.  🙂     I woke up and then headed back to church.  If you attend church, does your church have a night service or small groups?

Now onto Money Ball….Have you seen in?  You should.  I am not really a baseball fan, but this is really a super cool movie.  It was slow to start, but it was such a good movie.  There were a couple of times I got emotional, but I am also a sappy girl sometimes.  😉

I picked up a Women’s Running magazine the other day and it had some interesting facts in it about food rivals.  It goes like this:

  • Frozen Blueberries or Fresh Blueberries.  The champ?  Frozen Blueberries.  Frozen blueberries are typically the wild variety, which have higher disease fighting antioxidants. Frozen fruits are picked at peak ripeness and frozen very soon after.  This locks in the flavor and nutrients
  • Kale and Spinach.  The champ?  Kale.  Kale has 60% more betacarotene, which helps with your immune system.  It also has 25% more Vitamin C and more than double the amount of Vitamin K.
  • Canned Tuna or canned Salmon.  The champ? Canned Salmon.  Salmon has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps with inflammation that your body creates during exercise.
  • Traditional Yogurt or Greek Yogurt.  The champ?  Greek Yogurt.  Protein, protein, protein.
  • Peanut Butter or Almond Butter.  The champ?  Almond Butter.  Almond butter has less saturated fats and twice the amount of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat as peanut butter, which helps with inflammation, lowers LDL (bad) and raises HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Goats milk or Cow’s milk.  The champ?  Goats milk.  Both carry great amounts of essential amino acids, but it is Goats milk that contains more omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium
  • Whole Wheat Bread or Rye Bread.  The champ?  Rye bread.  Rye bread has nearly twice the amount of fiber than Whole wheat bread.
  • Popcorn kernals or microwave popcorn.  The champ?  Popcorn kernals.  Packed with fiber, they also are on par with antioxidant packed fruits and veggies.
  • Chicken Breast or Turkey Breast.  The champ?  Turkey breast.  Turkey breast has more muscle friendly protein, energy boosting iron and the ultra-important antioxidant selenium.
  • Green bell peppers or Red bell peppers.  The champ?  Red bell peppers.  Full of beta-carotene and vitamin C and helps protect the body from cell-damaging free radicals.
  • Brown Rice or Quinoa.  The champ?  Quinoa.  One cup of Quinoa contains more protein, fiber,iron, potassium, zinc, and folate compared to brown rice.  Folate is something that is required for the body to make red blood cells, which carries oxygen to your muscles.

Disclaimer: These are not my thoughts and are directly from the Women’s Running magazine.

The next time you are in the store pick up this magazine….Even if you aren’t a runner.  It’s great information to have!  I was even surprised by a couple of them.

Old Navy trip:  I picked up three items for running.  Running pants, long-sleeved shirt, and a jacket.  I was pretty stoked about the purchases due to the fact that they were on sale!


Well it’s late and I am super sleepy (even with a nap).  🙂  Have a great night!!












2 responses to “Money Ball and a nap

  1. haha…seriously, it seems like kids NEVER sleep but have boundless energy…i think back to the days i would spring out of bed wide awake and rearing to go at 6am and wonder if that was REALLY me!

    but they are so much fun too!! hope u’re having an awesome visit! 🙂

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