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Simple and Complex carbs

on January 17, 2012

Hey!   I hope your night is going well and that you have had an awesome day!  Just wanted to stop in before I finish up a chapter in my Christian Ethics book tonight.  🙂

I really tried to stay on target today with my caloric intake and proteins.  My snack today was soooooo good.  It’s something that I have had before, quite often actually, but it was good anyway!

Dannon Key Lime Pie Greek yogurt with some gluten-free granola (yum) and one Clementine.  If you haven’t picked those things up yet, you must get them!

A couple of hours later I was ready for my actual lunch.  Turkey sandwich, with lots of greens, and some tangy bbq sauce.  Grapes on the side please.

Funny story.  I found the button on my camera where you can change the “scene”…. It actually has a food scene.  I can actually get super close to my food and it doesn’t get all that fuzzy.  🙂  It’s the little things.

Since I had already eaten, I went into one of our back offices for some quiet so that I could start one of the two chapters that I have to read by next Monday.

I think I am really going to enjoy this class!  Just wanted to say “hey!” to my teacher Dr. Rusty!!  I know you read this!! 🙂

After work tonight, I headed to the track to sneak in a mile run.  The day started out at 70 degrees, it’s now 42.  The low tonight is also 32.  Arkansas weather is the craziest!

I was super hungry when I got home and couldn’t wait to try a new recipe that I had seen earlier today.  Original recipe was from a blog that I love to read called Carrots ‘N’ Cake.

Brandi’s Flatout Pizza:

1 light flat-out bread

2 slices of light provolone cheese


1/3   cup of turkey sausage

8 turkey pepperoni’s


First, you scramble the turkey sausage.  While this is going, put the two slices of cheese onto the flat-out bread, then spinach and then turkey pepperoni.  Once the turkey sausage is done add to the top of the pizza.  When you have the pizza just the way you want it, put it into the oven, or a conventional oven, and bake until the cheese melts.  Cut and then eat!

I will definitely have this again.

This also got me thinking about simple and complex carbs.  I don’t know about you, but there are some days that all I crave is sugar and sweets.  Today was not one of those days.  I craved protein.  With that, I started to think about how our bodies work with certain foods, conditions, and sleeping habits.

Simple Carbohydrates: 

Simple carbohydrates are composed of 1 or 2 sugar units that are broken down and digested quickly, which can leave you feeling tired, hungry, and craving more sugar shortly after you’ve eaten. Recent research has shown that certain simple carbohydrate foods can cause extreme surges in blood sugar levels, which also increases insulin release. This can elevate appetite and the risk of excess fat storage.
Simple carbs are mainly added sugars, which have very little nutritional value. They are considered “empty” calories. Types of simple carbs are soda, many sweet breakfast cereals, candies, high fructose corn syrup, and more. Fruit is also considered a simple carb, but it is a naturally occurring sugar that is packed with many nutrients.

Complex Carbohydrates:

Complex carbohydrates (also referred to as starch) are made up of many sugar units and are found in both natural (brown rice) and refined (white rice) form. They are structurally more complex and take longer to be broken down and digested, which allows you to feel full longer and gives you lasting energy. Complex carbohydrate foods have been shown to enter the blood stream gradually and trigger only a moderate rise in insulin levels, which stabilizes appetite and results in fewer carbohydrates that are stored as fat.

So how do you know how to choose the right one?

Choosing the right foods isn’t always as simple as choosing complex carbohydrates over simple ones. Case in point: White bread is highly processed but is a complex carbohydrate and many fruits, which are wholesome and natural, are simple carbohydrates.  And certain foods that contain complex carbohydrates, like white potatoes, quickly raise blood sugar levels, while some foods that contain simple carbohydrates, such as whole fruit, raise blood sugar levels more slowly.
So what should you choose? Instead of labeling carbohydrates as simple or complex, look at how whole or processed the food actually is. Unrefined or whole-grain carbohydrates found in products like brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and bran cereals are digested slowly and contain vitamins, minerals and fiber which promote health. Fiber and nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits and beans, which also contain carbohydrates, also make excellent choices for health and weight loss. Try to limit your intake of highly processed, sweetened and sugary foods and choose the most wholesome and natural foods possible for your health and weight-loss goals.

Here is the website where I found the above information.  Spark People has a great website that gives out great healthy information.

Welp, I am off to read and then I am going to bed early.  Got an early day tomorrow!


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