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Cake, GI Joe and Tron

on January 28, 2012

Hello!!  I hope everyone has had a fabulous day!  I sure did!  🙂  Yesterday was my birthday, but I actually celebrated with my family today.  We decided to go a little early to my brother’s house so the kiddo’s could ride on my dad’s new toy.

I am not sure who had more fun…..the kids or my dad. 🙂

I wanted to show you last nights dinner, mainly because it was a little different.  I had purchased a butternut squash that really needed to be cooked, so I split it four ways and roasted it in the oven.  I also had some tofurky and some black beans.

My dad and I also shared a cup of “birthday” coffee. 

This is my cup from Astana, Kazakhstan.  I thought the special moment deserved a special cup.


Lunch today was pretty simple.  I knew that we were going to honk on some pizza and cake later, so I just went with some grapes and a chicken, black bean, spinach, melt.

There was also some provolone cheese in the mix.


So we partied hard at my brothers house…..Well, to be exact we watched GI Joe, ate pizza, ate cake, and then we watched Tron 2.  Have you seen the Tron movie???  I found it very difficult to follow, and my brother was a little annoyed by all of the questions I kept asking.  😉

My neph-cat, Berg.  I swear that cat is giving me the evil eye. 

And then there was the sugar coma’s.  

I haven’t had a tremendous amount of sugar in my diet in a week and after eating the cake, my tummy kinda started to turn.  This is what sugar does to you people!!!    I did enjoy the cake though…;)

Well, I am pretty beat, so am going to go wash my face, brush my teeth and get into bed… Got a busy day at church tomorrow. 

Later folks!



2 responses to “Cake, GI Joe and Tron

  1. oh my goodness, happy belated birthday!!! i’m so sorry i missed it! it sure does sound like you had a great time celebrating with family though. family time is the best! oh and re: the movie tron… i totally found it difficult to follow too. i kept asking my husband questions about the whole time until i ended up falling asleep half way through it. haha.

  2. Thanks Ashley! 🙂 Lol, at one point my brother stopped the movie to explain it to me….he was not amused. But, I can beat him up………he knows it. 🙂

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