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Running buddy!

on February 2, 2012

Well, it has just been the best day…..A little slow at work, but overall it has been a good day!

I told you that my best friend Angey was moving back, well today she had tons of job interviews, but after we met up at my place of employment and headed to my house to change into our running gear.  She is like a daughter to my parents so they were so excited to see her.  🙂

Before I get to our run, let me give you the low down on my eats today.


100 Calorie Thomas English Muffin, 1 slice of turkey bacon, 1 slice of provolone cheese, 1 tsp of organic grape jam.  Of course there was coffee. 🙂 

Speaking of coffee!  I am 12 days “specialty” coffee free!  This is HUGE for me!  I can’t tell you the difference it’s made.  One of my favorite blogs to read is called, Fit Approach, and I love this blog!  It’s ran by four different women that all have different journeys, so there is something for everyone.  There are tips of the day and all sorts of different things to read.  And you get to even share your own story.  Alyse has started the “quitting club” for all of you who are trying to quit caffeine, join us!  I started simply by just cutting out all of the specialty coffees that I drink.  Let me tell you, it was a lot.  Iced coffees, mocha’s, White Chocolate, Caramel….anything they had, I tried.  I would also enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon.  I finally realized that I was drinking WAY too much coffee.  So, I just have my morning cup and call it good.  Right now it’s half/calf, but I plan on switching completely to decaf.  Join us!!  🙂



Subway Roasted Chicken Breast with veggies, and some baked sour cream and onion chips. 🙂

On my actual lunch break, I headed to one of the back offices and spent it like this….

I wanted to be able to finish the two chapters I needed to get read by today so that while Angey was here I would be free to do whatever.  My plan worked.  🙂 


A little while later I consumed two, very small, tangerines and some pistachio’s. 


Workout # 2:

Once we got to the track, Angey and I walked one lap as a warm-up and then we took off!  We ended up running 2 miles and walking half a mile.  It felt really good and it was really fun having a running buddy.  This was the first time that I actually ran with someone!  I can’t wait until she gets moved back here so we can keep doing that!


Very random!!  It was almost 8:00 before I was able to eat my dinner, so it ended up being very random.  1/2 of a banana, 1 tofurky link, and some sweet potato wedges.  It was really good, but I wished I would have had something green with it. 

It’s almost 10:00, so I am going to go wash the face and get ready to call it a night!

Good Night! 🙂





One response to “Running buddy!

  1. Alyse says:

    Hooray for the quitting club! I have been struggling this week – so it’s good to read about your success. It’s gotten me motivated again. I just need to start ordering decaf whenever I go to a cafe.

    We can do this! 🙂

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