Faith Fitness and Laughter

A Balancing Act

on February 8, 2012

Whew!  The last couple of days have been full.  With work picking up (taxes) and getting ready for my next class, it’s been go go go.  I have discovered, as I do nearly everyday, that life is simply a balancing act.  I wish I could know on an average how many decisions a person makes a day.  Wouldn’t you?  We make decisions to do good, to do bad, to say something nice to someone, and to say something harsh.  It’s nearly overwhelming!  At the end of the day I have asked myself, “where did the time go?”  You can ask my co-workers, my time-management skills annoys them immensely.  However, there are some days where I am not sure if I have even accomplished anything!  🙂 

My only answer?  Set back, close my eyes, and take a deep breath.  I don’t even have to talk.  I just want to allow God’s presence to fill me.  One of the things that I have been struggling with for a while now is praying.  Something that came very naturally to me, and that I found so much joy in, seems very difficult now.  I am thankful that Christ intervenes.


Yesterday’s workout:

Jillian’s Killer Buns and Thigh’s 

BodyRock Challenge Fit test, which consisted of this:

  • Squat jumps
  • push-ups
  • burpees
  • high knees
  • switch-lunges
  • tuck jumps
  • tricep dips
  • straight abs

I use my iPhones timer, or you can go to this website and use their tabata time clock that works really well!  Set it for 10/50 and for 8 rounds for a total 12 minutes.  🙂 


Todays workout:

I am taking a rest day from Jillian’s DVD, but I did Day two of the BodyRock Challenge.  It was a 300 Rep Challenge and some ab work.  I really liked this one.  You are given 5 strength moves in which you do 10 reps of each, the next round you only do 9, and then 8, you get the picture.  You do this until you are down to only one rep.  It took me 18:52 minutes to do the entire workout. 


My appetite was not right today so there are no pictures of anything.  My stomach did feel right due to some medication that I am taking, so the following pictures are from yesterday. 🙂





Very random I know, but it was super filling.





My dad’s chili!  🙂 🙂


As I was in the kitchen, my dad was getting his nightly snack together and he asked if I wanted to take a picture of it……  He said that this was something that he ate as a child all of the time and sometimes it was all they had to eat.  Cornbread, with butter and molasses. 

It was interesting, and I would probably like it.  We really are lucky to have the choices that we do now when it comes to food.

I’ve got some studying and reading to do, so I will catch you guys later!  Have a great night!





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