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Some Revelations

on February 13, 2012

Over the last couple of days I have realized a couple of things.  1) I don’t think I am quite past my emotional/closet eating, and 2) my hormones are completely out of whack!   I turned 37 this past January, which means only three more years until 40.  Now, age is just a number to me and getting older doesn’t bother me at all.  It’s the changes that my body has experienced over the past few years that really just ticks me off.  🙂 


I read this great post on one of my favorite blogs called Coffee Cake and Cardio about Closet Eating.  After reading what she had posted, I did a little research myself. 

I can remember being a kid and sneaking food in my room at night after my parents were in bed and then eating all of it.  Looking back these things are not normal eating patterns.  Unfortunately, as I have gotten older, these habits have aided in my struggle with weight, nearly my entire adulthood.  I know that I can’t be alone in this boat by any means, and that this is something extremely personal, and I even thought about not posting it, but I know that is why I should. 


I know that I have a lot going on in my life right now that is also aiding in my struggles, but that is life right?  My first step is being honest with myself, and I think that I have done that.  Second, I have also talked to my family and close friends about my struggles.  It takes planning ahead and talking about it to make it real.  If we stay in our bubbles, nothing productive comes from that.


My plan:

  • Focus more on being healthy, then losing weight
  • Journal my food
  • surround myself with people instead of being alone
  • say no to things that don’t fit into my life
  • admit when I am struggling to a family member or close friend




This picture was taken yesterday, but I ate the same thing this morning.  Thomas English Muffin with Dark Chocolate peanut butter on one side and regular peanut butter on the other.  1 banana and some chia seeds.



Key lime greek yogurt, one hard-boiled egg, roasted broccoli, and one Cara Cara orange (which I ate on the ride home).



I haven’t done anything too strenuous the past few days due to still adjusting to some meds my “lady” dr gave me.  It makes me nauseated pretty much all day and really sleepy.  I thought that I would give this workout a try.  Yeah, I don’t think that I am going to be able to lift my arms tomorrow!


I hope that my post hasn’t been too personal for your taste, I just thought that I would share.  Most of the blogs that I read are run by women who are younger than I am.  I still LOVE reading their blogs, but I do think that I represent a different age group, so I hope this reaches at least one person!  🙂  

Have a great day!



Have you ever struggled with an eating disorder?  If so, how have you managed your lifestyle?


3 responses to “Some Revelations

  1. I have thought a lot about how my eating will change as I age lately. I hope it is a gradual adjustment that I can make with each baby I have!

  2. Krystie says:

    First off I think its great that you are admitting you may be in a funk with eating right now! That is the most important thing to do if you feel like your getting off track, it makes getting back so much easier. I had an eating disorder for 5 years and I hid the food that I would eat, now I am very open and try to have meals with other people to feel accountable for the things I am eating.

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