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Fitting in a healthy lifestyle

on February 16, 2012

Boy did this day drag by!  I am not sure what the deal was, but once I started watching the clock I knew it was over.  I chose option B this morning.  Option B you ask?  Sleeping in.  😉   I chose to sleep in this morning and enjoy my breakfast and coffee.  It was nice!  While on my lunch break today, I squeezed in my workout.  I even brought shampoo and other items so that I could freshen up after.  As you can imagine, this took up my entire lunch break.  So this got me thinking.  How do you fit in a healthy lifestyle??  What conscious decisions do you make everyday that are health related?

These are a few things that I found on the Spark People website that I thought were great ideas for fitting in healthy habits.

1)  Drink water throughout the day

2)  Cut back on the soda and coffee

3)  Replace high-sugar foods with low sugar-foods

4)  Stock up on healthy portable snacks

5)  Take the time to plan healthy meals (this, I need to work on!)

6)  Purchase frozen ready to cook ingredients (I prefer fresh)

7)  Pack your lunch the night before

8)  Cook double batches of what you’re cooking

9)  Give yourself some slack

10) Fit in exercise whenever you can (at least 30 minutes)

11) Take a walk break during the day (this will reduce stress)

12) Increase your walking

13) Get enough sleep



Update on workouts:

So I am really enjoying having my workouts planned out.  I know exactly what I am going to do when I get up (or get home).  I don’t have to set and think about what I am going to do, which is nice.  Tomorrow is my arm day and I can’t wait!  I really liked the Jackie Warner DVD that my friend picked up for me.  Crazy arms!!  🙂



Question:  What are some small healthy habits that you have picked up along the way??



4 responses to “Fitting in a healthy lifestyle

  1. I drink a ton of water and nothing else. No soda, juice, gatorade, tea, etc. If I drink coffee its decaf and I make sure to chug a big glass of water beforehand. People drink so many calories and nothing is as hydrating as good ol plain water!

  2. Joss says:

    Sounds like a good list…cept I wouldn’t cut out the coffee! 😛

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