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Vacation Days are the best!

on February 23, 2012

Afternoon!  I don’t know about you guys, but I have had the best day.  I was able to sleep in until about 8:00 this morning and then it was go time.  Myself, my mother, and my second mother Karen, headed to Little Rock today to stop at some of our favorite shopping areas.  Our first stop?


The back seat 😉


We made it to Little Rock in plenty of time and hit the first store.

Hobby Lobby!  My mom was looking for some backing to go into a picture frame, and we were also looking for a wedding gift for a friend.  I did manage to pick up some new blogging plates, as I call them. 🙂  You will see them soon!


Second stop:

My favorite place in the whole produce and grocery world!  It was my mom and Karen’s first time at Whole Foods and they were in awe.  🙂 


Next stop:


Lunch!  We started out meal with whole wheat rolls, and cornbread……….um and some honey.  It was SO good.  I ordered the Cajun grilled chicken sandwich and a side of green beans.


After out tummy’s were full, we headed to our next stop.

Garden Ridge is so much fun!  There is tons of stuff there and I was able to find some really cool lamps, with the help of my road buddies.  It has been super windy today and I snapped this photo of my mom’s head.  She yelled at me because her hair was wind-blown.  Funny lady!



With our meals setting on our tummy’s, I was getting preeeetty sleepy.  Besides being windy, it has been really warm today too and with the sun on me in the car, I could have taken a nap! 

Wal-mart here we come!


It was actually pretty nice shopping while most people were at work.  No lines, free bathrooms, plenty of parking.  It was nice. 🙂  Our final stop was to get a cup of joe….  Something that I can’t seem to turn away.

My mom isn’t a huge coffee drinker (one cup in the morning), so Karen and I were the only ones that got anything, but Karen managed to talk my mom into taking half of her coffee.  🙂


Welp, that’s about it folks!  After a day of shopping, I am beat!  Have a great night!


What have you guys been up to today? 


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