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Different Ways to burn 200 Calories

on March 10, 2012

Morning!  🙂    Man oh man was it nice to sleep in this morning and not have anywhere to be.  The only thing that is pressing today is a wedding of a friend at 2:00.  I have literally watched this girl grow up, so to see her getting married is a special thing. 

Since I didn’t have anything pressing to do this morning, I thought that I would catch up on the blogging world and cuddle with my little man


So I watched the new Footloose last night and the jury is still out as to whether I liked it.  If you have seen the first movie you may not like this one.  It’s pretty much word for word, with modern dancing in it.  I may try to watch it again and try to separate the two…..  we’ll see. 


I couldn’t wait to share some new eats with you this morning!  Angey has a friend that runs a Gluten-Free Bakery and she brought me some bread the other day!  I hope to visit this bakery real soon.  🙂


The bread is pretty big, so I only toasted one slice and it was plenty filling. 


I am so glad the sun is out this morning!  We were expecting some really bad weather for like 5 days in a row (there is still some rain coming), but today is absolutely beautiful!  This is what it looked like the other day:


I also had some Green tea


I made some of the best chocolate mousse last night!  I found this recipe on Julie’s blog, Peanut Butter Fingers and it is divine!


  • 1 avocado
  • 3 1/2 tbsp of cocoa
  • 3 1/2 tbsp of honey

And that is it!  You peel, and pit the avocado, and add all ingredients to a food processor and mix it all up.  It is so thick and creamy!  I really wanted to try to incorporate avocado’s to my diet, but I really don’t like them.  It’s a texture thing.  Anyway, when I saw this recipe I couldn’t wait to try it!  Verdict?? 



20 Ways to Burn 200 Calories:

  1. Wii Fitness Games for 20 minutes, 200 calories
  2. Jump rope!  10-15 minutes can burn 200 calories
  3. Golf!  Walking and pulling for 50 minutes can burn up to 210 calories
  4. Wash your car.  The whole nine-yards for 40 minutes can burn up to 216
  5. Take your dog for a walk.  A brisk 25 minute walk can burn 190 calories
  6. 25 Minutes of tennis can burn 218 calories
  7. rearrange the furniture. 25 minutes can burn 210 calories
  8. Climb some steps.  Stairmaster or stadium steps for 30 minutes can burn 216 cal!
  9. 60 minutes of bowling can burn 200 calories
  10. Spin.  30 minutes at a 10-12 mph pace can burn 210 calories
  11. Paint!  40 minutes of painting can burn 208 calories
  12. Mow the lawn.  40 minutes of yard mowing can burn 215 calories
  13. 30 minutes of swimming can burn 215 calories
  14. Cleaning out the garage for 25 minutes can burn 210 calories
  15. Boot camp workout for 30 minutes can burn 200 calories
  16. Weeding the flowers for 55 minutes can burn 55 calories
  17. Dance!  40 minutes of dancing can burn 216 calories
  18. Basketball.  20 minutes can burn 192 calories
  19. Quick jog on the treadmill for 20 minutes, 192 calories
  20. Clean!  40 minutes of cleaning, 216 calories

What about you?  What are some quick ways that you can burn up to 200 calories??


2 responses to “Different Ways to burn 200 Calories

  1. Joss says:

    I have heard about making chocolate pudding with avocado..I might try that. I wanted to make Angela from oh she glows pasta made with avocado for the sauce…so maybe I will try to make both and just get a few avocados on the next grocery shop 😛

    Thanks for that list! I need to burn some extra calories when I’m just sitting bored and thinking of things to do lol

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