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Feet and Week 3 of Ripped in 30

on March 12, 2012

Hey hey!!  So how is your Monday treatin ya?  After raining all day Sunday, it turned out to be a beautiful day today.  Are you adjusting to losing an hour yet??  It usually takes about a week for me.  I don’t mind having an extra hour of daylight, but giving up an hour to me can be brutal that first week.


So I am excited to share my breakfast with you today!  I am going to be trying different things this week, so be ready.


Two Eggo Whole What/low-fat waffles, sugar-free syrup and half of a banana.




Feet topic:

So I am going to talk about a topic that maybe some of you are embarrassed to talk about.  Feet.  Do you like your feet?  Do you pamper them?  Are you kind to your feet?  Today I went and had me feet looked at.  Weird?  I hope not, cause you see, I have corns.  Ok, I said it!  I have a corn on each of my pinky toes, mainly from not wearing proper shoes and not treating my feet well over the years.  It seems gross, but it’s life.  When the doctor walked in I said, “Two things.  I just realized that I haven’t shaved in a couple of days, and don’t laugh at my feet.”  He laughed.  🙂

I wanted to find some information on how important it is to be kind to our feet.


  • They contain a quarter of all the bones in your body.
  • They log, on average, 1,000 miles a year.
  • They absorb one-and-half times your body weight with each step.
  • And they get zero respect.


We’re talking, of course, about your feet. Sure, you may treat them to the occasional pedicure or prop them up at the end of a long day. But experts say we ought to be much, much kinder than that. “The feet are the second-hardest working part of your body. The first is your heart,” says Steven Ross, MD, president-elect of the American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society. “Your feet are your foundation; if they hurt, you’re going to be a very unhappy person.” So let’s spread a little love. Here, everything you need to know for feet that feel good all day, every day — no matter what you put them through.


5 Pain Solutions

1. Foot Cramps:

 Those weird muscle spasms that can make your toes or arches lock up. 

Make it better: Drink plenty of water, especially when you’re active (dehydration is a major cause), and strengthen your feet. “We don’t use the small muscles in our feet effectively, so lactic acid builds up and the muscles go into spasm,” says Dr. Ross.

 Try this: Sit in a chair, place a hand towel on the floor, and pick it up with your foot. Continue, alternating feet, until your toes are tired, and repeat daily.


 2. Plantar Fasciitis:

 A sharp pain under your heel due to inflammation of the tissue that connects your heel bone to the base of your toes.

 Make it better: Take ibuprofen (if approved by your doctor) and rest your foot for a week or so, advises Dr. Ross. When you start exercising again, take it easy.

 Try this: Stretching can help. Cross the ankle of the foot that’s bothering you over your opposite knee, then bend your toes back with one hand as you massage the arch of your foot with the other. Do this for 30 seconds three or four times a day. If the pain persists, see your doctor, who may give you a cortisone injection to reduce the inflammation. 

3. Plantar Warts

: These crop up on the soles of your feet and are caused by a viral infection. 

Make it better: Apply an over-the-counter wart treatment, such as a salicylic acid patch. If it doesn’t clear up in a few weeks, see your doctor for a more potent in-office treatment, such as freezing the wart off, says Dr. Ross.


4. Stress Fracture

: A small crack in a bone in your foot (for runners, often in the forefoot) that causes pain and swelling. Suddenly upping the intensity or frequency of your workouts can cause this, says Dr. Ross.

 Make it better: Go easy on yourself. Light, low-impact exercise — walking or swimming — is okay if it’s not painful. Otherwise, take a break for a few days. Stress fractures often heal on their own, but if the pain persists after several weeks, see your doctor to rule out a more severe break, advises Dr. Ross. Once you’re feeling better, be sure to up the intensity of your workouts gradually. 

5. Achilles Tendinitis: 

A sharp pain above your heel bone that occurs when you stand or walk, caused by inflammation of the tendon that runs up the back of your ankle. People who have mild cases often notice the pain only after exercising.

 Make it better: Avoid strenuous activity for a few weeks and take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen (if approved by your doctor) to ease soreness and swelling. And be sure to stretch the area before working out. “Wearing heels, then exercising without stretching first, puts extra stress on the tendon,” says Dr. Ross.

Try this: To limber up, lower your heels off a step and hold for 10 seconds. Do this two or three times daily, with your knees bent, then straight (this hits different parts of the tendon). As with any injury that is very painful or doesn’t get better in a few weeks, see your doctor.





OH MY GOODNESS.  Today started the third week of the Ripped in 30 Challenge…..aaaand it also started with level three.  Let’s just say it hurt.  Ever do a low jack?  What about bear crawls?  I am preeetty sure that my body will be super sore in the morning.  🙂



New Dessert Recipe:

Courtney at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life posted a new dessert recipe on her blog and I couldn’t wait to try it!!  I did opt to put dark chocolate chips instead of white chocolate.  🙂

I am about to go try one!!


Question:  How often do you get a pedicure?  Do you go somewhere to have it done, or do it yourself?


Have a great night!!  😉





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  1. Joss says:

    oh goodness..I do not like feet!! I don’t like my feet and i don’t like feed in general LOL

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