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Finding time to exercise

on March 13, 2012

Morning!  How in the world did I get up at 5:00 am??  I think I am going to need a nap soon.  🙂  Just a few days ago, it would have been 4:00 a.m.  That’s a scary thought!

With a busy week ahead of me, I really want to make time to get my workouts in.  How can this happen when you have so much going on?  Exercising makes me feel better and with a busy week, I want to feel better.



Tips for finding time to exercise:

  1. Simply wake up earlier.  Set your alarm for at least one hour before you usually get up. This will allow for a great workout.  Not a full hour?  The go for 30 minutes.  Starting my day with a workout always boosts my energy level and starts my day on the right foot.
  2. Cut down on media.  I think we would all be surprised at how much time we spend playing games, watching tv, surfing the web.  I don’t even want to know how many solitaire games I have played lately.  🙂
  3. Be an active TV watcher.  If you are going to watch tv, make if fun!  In between commercials, do some jumping jacks or run in place.
  4.  Active commute.  Let’s say you live in walking distance to your job.  Why not walk there??
  5. Make it part of your routine.  Like making coffee, or walking your dog.  Even brushing your teeth.
  6. Mix exercise and socializing.  Have a date?  Or, hanging out with friends?  Do something active together.
  7. Turn chores into exercise.  Cleaning your house today?  Why not do it at a quick pace and see if that doesn’t get your heart pumping.
  8. Schedule your workout like an appointment.  When you schedule a doctors appointment, do you miss it?  What about a lunch date?  If you schedule in your workouts, you have a better chance at getting it in.
  9. Find an activity that you love.  Pick something that will keep you coming back.
  10. Finally, if you look at your schedule and there is no way you can get a workout in, maybe you need to rethink your schedule.  Saying no to something that will either cause stress, or over-extend you, might be a good thing.





Two pieces of Rudi’s Gluten-free toast, and two Organic Free-range eggs.

This was a nice change!




Day two of week three!  As soon as I get through here, I am going to   I hope you have a great day!



Question:  What are ways that you fit in your workout?


2 responses to “Finding time to exercise

  1. I actually take a laid back approach to working out. If I plan it out ahead I feel like I just dread it. Instead if I am feeling good and have a little time at home, I’ll randomly hop on the treadmill. My workouts happen in the afternoon usually so this way I do not have it hanging over my head all day if its not planned. I know its a backwards approach than most peoples but it works for me!

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