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Random Thoughts

on March 19, 2012

All that I can say is that it’s been an interesting day.  I still can’t swallow, still running fever, my head is pounding, and I didn’t know that so much snot could be in one persons body.  Life is still good though.  And, I did manage to make it to work this morning…………pretty tough to get up, but I did.  Today was my early day, so that was my only motivation to go in.  I came straight home and got in the bed.  Um, after a bowl of cereal.

While being sick, I haven’t concentrated too much on eating and working out.  I have managed to be good, but what I do eat I have to be able to swallow.  :/  Hence smoothies have entered my life again.  🙂 Ahhhh.


Banana/Cherry protein smoothie



Remember Kayla?   She is a young lady that I work with and is just about due to have her baby.  In fact, before I left today she started to have some back pain that would not quit, so her husband came and got  her and took her to the hospital.  I think we will have a baby by this weekend!  Sad thing?  I won’t be able to hold baby Evan until I am symptom free!


There was a baby shower for her this weekend…


We had to guess how many Skittle were in the baby bottle….I was a little upset that we could keep the Skittles if we won….;)




Kayla’s baby nephew Preston 🙂


I saw this pink Dogwood tree on the way home…




Random Thoughts:

  1. Ever pay that much attention to what Kleenex you use??  I will always pay more money for nose comfort.  Kleenex Cool Touch is the best!
  2. Have you ever noticed any jiggly parts when you brush your teeth?
  3. My new favorite show is Missing, with Ashley Judd.
  4. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring.  Did we have a winter?
  5. I think I might buy the Hunger Games book.
  6. Ever hear of Satiereal saffron extract??


Welp, that is about all that I can muster.  I hope you have a great afternoon!  I am off to take more medicine.




4 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. you should have TOTALLY gotten to keep those skittles. bummer!

  2. Maren Leah Kennedy says:

    Brandi feel better soon!!!

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