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Saturdays are goooooood :)

on March 24, 2012

Ahhhh, I love Saturdays.  Don’t you?  First off, I slept amazing last night.  I don’t even remember anything past 10:30 and then it was time to get up and start the day!  For whatever reason, I wasn’t hungry when I got up this morning, so I just enjoyed a cup of coffee and then it was go time.

I headed into work early so that we could get things done.  We were a little short-staffed this week, but thank the Lord it wasn’t all that busy.  The only reason??  Spring Break I guess.  That is the only thing that I could come up with.  🙂  Whatever it was, it could have been a lot worse.


When I did get to work, my hunger finally knocked on my door…..I headed over to McDonald’s and grabbed an Egg McMuffin.  It was yummy. 🙂


The few hours went by pretty quickly at work, but when I was done I headed over to get one of these…

And when I walked in, I saw these two rug-rats…..


My lil man Dalton



My sweet lil girl, Erin.







I was pretty excited to see them…..I am a little partial to them ya know.   We made plans for a sleep over, I bought them cookies and ice cream, we talked Tin Tin, and then my nephew panicked when he thought that I was going to take his copy of Tin Tin, Dalton quoted movie lines from Transformers free (as he would say), and finally we took lots of pictures.  🙂


I am on the last season of King of Queens, I better pace myself.



Book Update:

Oh!!  I finished The Hunger Games!!    I LOVEd it!  Going to start the second book: Catching Fire tonight!




10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast by Jessica Smith:  20 minute arms




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