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Last week of March? Crazy!!

on March 26, 2012

I can’t believe that this month is almost over!  I am setting here catching up on Dancing with the Stars and William and Cheryl did amazing!  I have yet to pick a favorite yet though.  🙂


I started the second book in the Hunger Games series and this book is just as good.  I literally can’t put it down.  😉  I am half-way thru and can’t wait to start the last book and sad at the same time when I do finally start it.

I have two vacation days coming this week, I might go check out the movie Hunger Games one of those days.





I was in the mood for some eggs and bacon this morning.  Turkey bacon and two organic eggs.





For lunch I ran down to Subway, which is right near where I work, and grabbed a sandwich and some chips.  Honey Wheat with roasted chicken, lettuce, spinach, pickles and spicy mustard.

I also read a bit while I was at lunch too.  🙂





Ever hear of Jessica Smith?  I ordered one of her DVD’s to give it a try, and let me say it did not disappoint.  Holy cow!  There are three levels on the DVD: 20 minute arms, 20 minute legs, and 20 minute abs.  I decided on the arms and leg portion and got my grove on!  The total workout took 47 minutes.  Ouch!  I really liked it and plan on using it quite a bit.  All you need for this workout is a mat (or carpet) and some hand weights.



Can I just say the last couple of weeks have flown by to me.  I have been doing my workouts at night, so it’s usually nearly when I finally get settled, showered, and ready to eat dinner.  This is something that I don’t really like doing…..eating so late.  I usually just end up eating a bowl of cereal or a bowl of oatmeal.  Not a real healthy meal at all.


Question:  What is your favorite meal for dinner?  And……If you are running short on time, what types of meals do you go for?

Sleep tight!! 🙂




6 responses to “Last week of March? Crazy!!

  1. Maren says:

    I haven’t heard of Jessica smith but that workot sounds fab!! I’m a worker outer at night too. I really like pasta type dinners since I usually just finished sweating up a storm! I love hunger game too and am planning on seeing it this week. We should be each others virtual date!!

  2. I always eat breakfast for dinner when I am in a rush. I actually might have it tonight and I am in no rush at all :). I just bought catching fire last night. I was trying to find it used or paperback so it wasn’t so expensive. I found it at Marshalls for $9.99 so I bought it! I am going to start reading it once the kids go to bed tonight, can’t wait!

  3. Jamie Walker says:

    I am glad that others are as obsessed with the Hunger Games as I am. All of the books are incredibly hard to put down. Love that. Almost wish I hadn’t finished all of them already because its super rainy here this week and a good book would be just about perfect right now!

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