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Drug Emporium visit!

on March 29, 2012

Ahhh, I love vacation days.  I really do.  🙂  I was in Little Rock this morning and thought that I would make a pit stop at a place that my bf Angey had told me about.





Food for life Gluten-free Brown rice toast, chocolate nut butter and 1/2 a banana, and some chia seeds.  Yum!



When I walked into the Drug Emporium store, I swear bells went off and angels started to sing.  🙂  Here are just a few things that I thought were super cool.



Not really sure what these taste like, but I found them kinda interesting.  Each protein drink had different nutrients for things like: sleep, vitamin D, sports, and energy.  Neat, but not neat enough for me to purchase.  🙂



Bragg had some Apple Cider Vinegar drinks there!  Some with honey, ginger and ahhh something else, but I just can’t think of it right now.

I circled them for a long time and then settle on the one with Ginger.




All the protein bars that you can handle!   I also found some Nutritional yeast seasoning.  If you haven’t tried this, it adds a nice cheesy, nutty flavor to your food.



There was an entire isle for oats. And more oats!







I picked up a Glutino Gluten-free pizza while at the DE…Spinach and Feta.  Um, let’s just say that I prooooobably should have picked up more than one.  😉   It was SO good!  I will go back and get more!


To do list:

  1. Info for the ladies at FitApproach
  2. 10 o’clock appointment
  3. go see Hunger Games
  4. wash clothes


As you can see, I haven’t really put a dent in the things that I wanted to get done today.  I still have time to go see The Hunger Games if I want, but may go see the early show tomorrow.  I am in the process of gathering my clothes up to wash….only problem is that I don’t have enough of a load to wash.  :/  Oh well.

I hope you have a great rest of the day!  Check ya later!




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