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And Monday Comes to an End

Getting things done and accomplished is a pretty cool feeling.  I was able to do so much today!  I was even able to mow part of the yard.  It did rain, but not for very long. 🙂    It was so humid outside and within minutes I was dripping with sweat.  It’s nearly 8:00 and I am pretty sleepy….I am hoping this means that I will be in bed early!

I also had to run to the Post Office today, and well, while I was there this man parks next to me on the drivers side.  Here’s the thing, he parked rather close.  If I had any pet peeves, this is one of them.  Errr!   Seriously!?



Workout 2:

1 hour of mowing the yard and the second half of the Tabata workout: 90 minutes total.







After doing 2 1/2 hours of cardio today, my body was craving protein!!  I opted for two organic eggs, turkey sausage, and spinach in a flat-out wrap.  I also had a Clementine on the side.  This was so filling and hit the spot!


Uh Oh….It just thundered, so we might be getting some more rain.


Have a great night!  🙂


Habits that can hurt your diet

Well, it’s decided to rain.  So mowing the yard is out, for now. 🙂    I made it back from the store with the few items that I needed and then some.  Don’t ya love that?  You go in with a list and still get something that is not on it!





I took one of the whole grain Flat-outs and added the following:  pizza sauce, spinach, turkey pepperoni, turkey sausage, 2% cheese, and some Nutritional Yeast.




So lately I have struggled a bit with habits that can actually hurt my diet.  And when I say diet, I mean lifestyle.  Here are some things that I found:

  1. Convenience.  Sure, I avoid fast-food, but when I get home from work there are days that I just throw something together and don’t really plan out anything.  Hence the whole pre-cooking last night. 🙂
  2. Unhealthy behavior.  Sadly, I have been making bad food decisions longer than I have made healthy ones.  Sometimes those old bad habits come rushing back and it feels like a nice pair of lounge pants…..or a comfy coat.  This mindless or emotional eating is probably the worst habit that is hard to break for me.  I can remember as a child hiding food from my parents in all sorts of places in my bedroom.  Being tortured at school for being fat and then drowning my sorrows in ice cream.  Craziness.
  3. Skipping workouts.  This isn’t something that I do regularly, but I have been known to not really plan out my workouts for the week.  I just do what I want.  My favorite thing?  Short workouts.  🙂  I think if I want to see changes, I am going to have to push harder and longer!
  4. Not enough sleep.  This one is a tough one for me.  I rarely go to bed early.  I would love to be in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10, but alas, this does not happen.  Almost never.  Our bodies and brain can be trained to do this, it’s just getting into that routine.  I love routine, so you would think it would be easy!



Alrighty!  Have a great afternoon!  I will catch ya later!





Monday Buzzin/Giveaway Results!

Morning!!  I am about to head out to the store, but wanted to stop in and say hello…..aaaaand give you the results of the Giveaway.  🙂


I have been a busy bee this morning getting the things on my to-do list accomplished.  Here’s an update:

  1. 2 mile run/Tabata workout
  2. Clean closet
  3. clean out refrigerator
  4. pre-cook meals
  5. make tuna salad
  6. mow the yard


And it’s not even 11!!   I still have some tuna salad left over from the last batch, so I didn’t make any.  I don’t want it to spoil.  Since I did my workout this morning, I am saving the yard for this afternoon.  It’s cloudy and windy, so I am hoping it’s not too hot!!


Giveaway Results:


Alex @ The Run Within

Maren @ Maren’s Morsels

Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

and Missy Gilliat


If you ladies will send me your address at  I will get the shoelaces out to ya!!






I will catch you guys later!!  Have a good day!!





Naps and pre-cooked items

After a lovely nap, I got up this afternoon and kinda felt yucky.   Don’t ya hate that?  That’s why I try not to take naps….If I could just get a quick cat nap, I am good!   It’s the long ones that jack me up.  I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, mainly because I borrowed the first two seasons of Desperate House Wives from a friend of mine, and stayed up late watching the first two disks.  🙂  I know, I am a gluten for punishment.


Workouts for the week:



2 mile run/4 Tabata workouts


Jessica Smith’s Cardio Blast


Jessica Smith’s Better Body Legs/Arms


2 mile run/4 Tabata workouts




Amy Dixon’s Tabata workout





Some of the things that I worked on this afternoon, post nap, was pre-cooking some of the things that I would eat this coming week.


  • Brown rice/Quinoa mix
  • Roasted Sweet potatoes
  • Cod
  • Roasted brussels sprouts


I will also be making some tuna salad.  I don’t know if I told you, but the last time I made the tuna salad, I used tuna with Sunflower oil.  (It was all I had).  It turned out ok!


I am taking a vacation day tomorrow and I have a few things on my to-do list:

  1. Run (I haven’t been on a run in a long time, so this should be interesting)
  2. clean closet (this is still on my list)
  3. Clean out the refrigerator
  4. pre-cook some meals
  5. Make tuna salad
  6. Mow the yard (yes, it’s time again)

I am actually pretty excited about number 1.  🙂


I also need a few items at the grocery store:

  1. Washing detergent
  2. pecans
  3. almonds
  4. eggs
  5. bananas
  6. cat treats
  7. light bulbs


Welp!  I am off to finish cooking up some food!  Have a great night!


Question:  What are your workouts for the week??  What is your favorite form of cardio to do? Aaaaand, if you are a runner, how many days of the week do you run?


Sunday Activities

Hello All!     I hope your Sunday has been a good one so far!   Just popping in to tell you how humbled I was at church this morning.  In Sunday School this morning my sister-n-law Lynn and I combined our classes.   Today’s lesson??  John 21:1-14.  This passage stresses the importance of telling others about Christ.

The activity sheet that the kids did really sums everything up for me:

  1. Love Him.
  2. Tell others.
  3. Listen to your mother and father
  4. Love your enemies and pray for them
  5. Give to the poor
  6. Forgive others
  7. Don’t worry


As the kids were doing this, it just hit me!  This list really does bring if full circle.  Some are easy, some are more difficult.  Number 7 to be exact.  🙂




I didn’t stay for the potluck, mainly because I didn’t want to be tempted with all of the food that was there.


Tuna salad and greens on a flat-out, with some strawberries.


It’s amazingly beautiful outside today, a little warm, but really pretty.  🙂




I plan on hitting some cardio a little later.  I am not sure if it’s going to be a run, or a DVD.



I am off!  Have a great afternoon!   I know my parents are going to read this….I love you mom and dad!  See you in a week! 🙂


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