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Easter Weekend

on April 9, 2012

Hey!  Long time no see!  Um, I mean, post!  🙂     I hope that you guys had a great Easter weekend.  I know that I did.  I also took some time to unplug, which was really nice.

Today was a pretty long day.  I don’t know about you, but coming home after a long day and getting in a good workout is the best way to unwind.  So is taking off my make-up.  I love that feeling of a clean face.  🙂


I had a great weekend with my family and I wanted to share some pictures with you…


Sunday morning I had a really good breakfast:



Gluten-free toast with some chocolate nut butter, hard-boiled egg, and some great coffee.


While at church, I had to get a picture with my sisters!

Dalton was pretty upset he couldn’t be in the picture, but still managed to be in there!  🙂 Lauren and Angey!




After church my brother, his wife (Lynn) and the kiddo’s came over for some lunch:


We had tons of food:

BBQ chicken

baked beans

potato salad

deviled eggs

roasted sweet potatoes



My plate?

Chicken, baked beans, sweet potatoes, and one hard-boiled egg.

Dessert was another story!!   Carb city baby!!



Some swing set time.  🙂




After a great day, I headed over to Angeys for a workout and a movie.  We ended up doing Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown and boy did it hurt!  The movie?  We Bought A Zoo.  Loved it!!



Jessica Smith’s 10 pounds down/20 minute arms



Meal plan for Tuesday 4/10/12:

Breakfast:   Gluten-free toast, nut butter and hard-boiled egg

Snack:   Strawberries

Lunch:   Salad with chicken, cottage cheese, and grapes

Snack:   gluten-free cinnamon raisin toast, half an apple

Dinner:   Smoothie

Snack:   Graham cracker, dark chocolate, marshmallow



4/10/2012 Workout:

Jillian Michael’s Shed and Shred


I hope you guys have a great night!!



6 responses to “Easter Weekend

  1. calories don’t count on easter, right? 🙂 no worries about too many carbs for dessert. i love that you plan out your upcoming days including snacks though. makes it so much easier to stay on track and easier to prepare too! i should do a better job of this…

  2. I actually didnt indulge too much on easter but monday once my company left and I was left alone with the leftovers…watch out. 2 carrot cake cupcakes made their way into my breakfast along with some hard boiled eggs, not a good start to the day, and it only got worse from there! Oh well, today is another day!

  3. Alyse says:

    Looks amazing! I may have overdone it on chocolate on Easter, but it was totally worth it 🙂

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