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The Dr. Oz Show

on May 2, 2012

Hiya!   How’s your hump day going so far?  Um, it’s about over.  🙂    It’s been kind of a long day, so when 6:00 rolled around, I was more than ready to go home.


I saw the most interesting Dr. Oz episode today!  The first part of the show talked specifically about women and their body types.  Let me back up a little…. Here’s the question.  When you gain weight, where do you gain it?   The tummy or the butt??  Are you shaped like an apple or a pear?  I personally carry most of my weight in the lower half of my body.

Dr. Oz’s guest was Dr. Mark Liponis, who has studied diets based on body type for 25 years.  Since I have about 10-15 pounds that won’t seem to go away, this really peaked my interest.


According to Dr. Liponis, to determine what body type that you are, you ask yourself two questions:

  1. What did you weigh at birth?
  2. How do you float?


He also categorizes these to body types into two different groups:

  1. the Hunter:  someone who carries their weight in the tummy
  2. the Farmer:  someone who carries their weight in the booty


If you interested, here is the link:  Dr. Oz



To give you an idea of how it works, here is what my body type diet would look like:


Bust Butt Fat: The Right Diet:


High Carb Diet

To bust butt fat, you need to eat like a farmer, which means consuming mainly grains and crops. Farmer types need to eat 5 times a day (small meals and snacks) to guard against drops in blood sugar. If you fit this body type, Dr. Liponis advises loading up on healthy carbs such as a whole-wheat pancake for breakfast, flatbread pizza at lunchtime, or pasta for dinner. Include two snacks such as blue corn chips or whole-grain pretzels.


Avoid Dairy

If farmers eat fat, it goes straight to their butt, thighs and hips. Therefore, avoid whole-milk products such as full-fat cheese, milk, yogurt, butter or ice cream.


Drink Soy Milk

To help cut down on fat, drink soy milk which contains the perfect mix of carbs and protein to help maintain blood sugar levels. Soy milk has been shown to help balance hormones and reduce the risk of cancer, including certain types of breast cancer.


Eat a Late-night Snack

Dr. Liponis recommends a late-night snack to help prevent blood sugar from dropping throughout the night. Enjoy a slow-release calorie food such as 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter on whole grain toast. It’ll also help you sleep better. Popcorn serves as another great snacking choice for this body type.



Secret Weapons for your body type:

Bust Butt Fat Supplement: DIM (Diindolymethane)

A natural compound produced during the digestion of cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, DIM helps balance out estrogen and may help reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer. Research shows that estrogen contributes to fat below the waist; DIM helps block fat from accumulating in this area. Take 150mg of DIM in the morning. Available at drugstores for $10.


Exercises to Bust Butt Fat:

Walk in the Morning

People who carry weight below the belt have a slower metabolism. A 10-minute walk around the block is all you need to get your heart pumping right away.


Do the Power Pretzel

Extra weight from butt fat can make waking painful since it puts pressure on the hips and throws off your stride. Try the power pretzel:


Sitting on the floor, bend one leg over the other. Twist your upper body, reaching around with the opposite arm and pushing on your knee. Try to look behind you. Hold for 10 seconds, then switch sides.


Fat Flushers:

Compression Socks

People who carry weight in their lower body can have problems with water retention and are prone to varicose veins. Compression socks help to get rid of extra fluid and improve circulation, which is essential to weight loss. Wear them 2-5 times a week. Available at sporting goods stores for about $8 a pair.






90 Calorie English muffin, with 1 Omega 3 Egg, spinach, sausage crumbles, and strawberries




I am going to research this in much more detail, but I thought it was a pretty interesting read.  For me personally, it would explain a lot in how I need to balance out my meals more aaaand what the meals should consist of.  We shall see!


Question:  What body type are you?  A Pear, or an Apple?



6 responses to “The Dr. Oz Show

  1. What an interesting article, I have never heard it broken down this way. Those strawberries look so fresh!

  2. I am a farmer and the funny thing is I grew up on a farm. LOL 🙂

  3. Missy Gilliat says:

    Hey Brandi, I feel like I am both hunter type and farmer type cause I have fat in both places. You know me and we all have shared the same body build. I think it is inherited. Lol. Gonna try to incorporate the two diets together for myself. Not sure how. Any suggestions.
    Love your blogs.

    • Lol…I here ya. 🙂 Try to do what works for you. 🙂 I think every meal should have a carb and a protein, the key is to find the balance and what works for your body type. I think that you and I have a similar build. 🙂 I think the 5 small meals are the way to go!

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