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Relay for Life

on May 7, 2012

Hello!!  Sorry I have been MIA the last couple of days.  I think that I needed to just take a bit of a break from blogging.  I was actually able to read some of my favorites!

Saturday was a fun-filled day!  Relay for Life was being held in our community and the ladies that I work with had a team that participated.






Mid-day there was a Zumba session!  Um, let’s just say that it was HOT.  Zumba in 90 degree weather!  It was so much fun and made me remember how much fun it really is.  Little did I know it, but Diahann (friend/co-worker) filmed me on her cell phone will we were working out!




My feet were hot!  🙂




At about 8:30 we headed for the bleachers and the lights were turned out so the luminary candles could be seen.




Break fast:


90 Calorie English Muffin:  chocolate nut butter on one and PB2 on the other with 1/2 a banana and chia seeds.






I took half a flat-out and added the following:  WW’s Jalapeno Pepper spread, chicken, spinach and salsa.  This was SO good!




1 solid hour of Zumba!

I found out where the instructor was having the class, so I hung around town until the class started at 7.  I had so much fun!  If you have never tried a Zumba class, you really should.  🙂



No picture, but it was Taco salad.



This was my view headed into work this morning:



This actually attributed to my satellite not working anymore.  Darn thing.  When I got home from Zumba, I turned on my tv to catch Castle, buuuuut it wouldn’t work.  Hmm?   I spoke with one of the techs, but unfortunately it’s now broke and they are going to have to send me a new one.  Oh well.  It could be a lot worse.  I have been wanting to add some more quiet time to my day, so this is a good thing.  🙂



Something to think about: 

Finish this sentence:  I am worth it because__________________.


Welp, it’s after eleven so I am headed to bed.  See you tomorrow!





7 responses to “Relay for Life

  1. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    Congratulations on relay for life 🙂 Such a great thing to be involved in.

  2. Janice Summit says:

    I am worth it because God doesn’t make no junk!!!! Love you daughter and I am really blessed by you!!!
    Love Mom

  3. I love participating in Relay for Life, it is such a great cause. The sky looks quite similar here, I got in a run before the rain but I am feeling stormy weather approaching. I don’t mind a storm mid way through the day though, I kind of enjoy it. I am worth it because I know how to care for people.

  4. Oh I am horrible at Zumba, I lack any dancing-ish coordination.

    Relay for Life is so fun, and for such a great cause. I did it in highschool a couple times.

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