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18 Most Sickening Food Ingredients

on May 13, 2012

Morning!!  Happy Sunday!



I woke up bright an early this morning, but let’s just say that I didn’t have the best sleep.  The last couple of weeks I have eaten really well, but yesterday I think that I ate too much.  My legs also bothered me last night.


Here are some photos from our Mothers Day outing yesterday:


Breakfast:  Chai Latte Smoothie:  

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • dash of nutmeg
  • dash of cloves
  • dash of ginger
  • 1 tsp of chia seeds
  • 2 scoops of Visalus




My niece started out with us on the trip over to the restaurant, but ended up getting sick on the way and we had to rearrange the seating schedule.  I felt so bad, I was setting next to her, when she started to feel sick my inner sympathy puker started to panic.  I tell ya, if I just hear someone gagging, I will be right next to them.  I think I made my niece feel bad.  She started to cry.  😦

This is why I made the treck to my parents truck to let them know what was going on while she did her business.  Lynn (SNL) ended up taking her home.


To my right!


To my left.  Goober.



This place was so pretty!!  The best part?  The owner was super nice and he really made us feel welcome.  My dad is a retired Vet and was in Vietnam…..before the owner took our order he thanked my dad for his service and they started to share stories. 🙂


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this meal!!  I ordered off the “Lite Menu,”  which was Chicken, veggies, and fried rice in brown sauce.  Yum!!


This morning my dad and I were reading this list that he found on Yahoo Health.  Um, be prepared, you will never eat the same again.



18 Most Sickening Food Ingredients:

  1. Gelatin:  The same thing that puts the “jiggle” into jello, is derived from collagen.  A protein often collected from animal skins.  Gelatin is also a thickening agent and can be found in:  frosted cereals, yogurt, candy, and some types of sour cream.
  2. Mechanically separated meat:  This is the meat that is still clingy to the bone after all of the othe meat has been removed.  There are crushed bits of bone and cartilage that end up in the final paste.
  3. Carbon Monoxide:  Where it’s found?  This keep meats from turning brown
  4. Shellac:  Be prepared!!  A sticky substance derived from secretions of the femal Kerria lacca, an insect from Thialand.  Where it’s found?  jelly beans, candy corn, and any candy that needs a shiny coating.  I will never eat jelly beans again!
  5. Saltwater injections:  This is injected into meats, mostly chicken, to add flavor and add to the weight of the package.
  6. Viruses:  Tiny bacteria killing viruses actually helps us by fighting off other viruses.  This is used on deli meat.
  7. Ammonia:  This is used to kill germs in the meat processing….um….process.  Also known as Pink Slime.
  8. Pink Slime:  bits of meat that is still clinging to fat.  Ugh.
  9. Bisphenol A:  This is found in the linging of cans and the concern is that it will leak into canned foods.
  10. Castoreum:  This is extracted from the castor sac secent glands of a male or female beaver.  Yack!  This is located near the anus.  It’s generally listed as “natural flavoring”
  11. Sodium benzoate:  Found in softdrinks and other carbonated drinks.
  12. Antibiotics:  We take them to get better, livestock gets them because it makes them grow bigger, faster.
  13. Silicon Dioxide:  Sand.  This gets into your bathing suit while you are at the beach!  It’s used as a flow agent and can be found in soups, salts, and coffee creamer.
  14. Carmine:  This is a red food coloring that is taken from boiling cochineal bugs, which is a type of beetle.  Found in ice-cream, skittles (I am heart broken), Good n Plenty, lemonade and grapefruit juice.
  15. Propylene glycol:  A chemical in antifreeze.  Found in sodas, salad dressings and beer.
  16. Cellulose:  Derived from wood pulp and cotton.  It’s added to shredded cheese to keep it from sticking together.
  17. Carrageenan:  It’s used as a thickening agent and keeps food from separating.  Chocolate milk, it keeps the cocoa and milk from separating.
  18. Liquid smoke:  This is added to bbq products such as; baked beans, hot dogs, bacon and beef jerky’s.




I hope all of the mothers today have a great and happy Mothers Day!!!



4 responses to “18 Most Sickening Food Ingredients

  1. shellac- this made me sad. all of those candies are my favorite, like absolute favorite. I will just ignore this little fact (insert jelly bean in mouth)

  2. Ah it is sickening just reading that list!

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