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Morning Tuesday!

on June 5, 2012

Morning!  I hope that you had a great Monday and that you are ready to start your Tuesday off right!  I actually went to bed fairly early, which was really nice.  I can’t believe this is the last couple of days before I go on vacation with my brother and his family!  I think that I am just muddling through on auto pilot to be honest. 🙂  After today, we just have two days.  Two Days!

Last night I actually started to get my clothes together!!  My brother found out that the weather that week could be kind of cool, so I am going to have to dig out some sweat shirts.  This is not a bad thing in my mind.  At all. 😉  One of the nights will actually be in the high 40’s!!!   I asked him if we were going to get to build a fire!!??  I hope so!!  I am going to dig out my suitcase tonight!!



Monday’s Workout:

Yesterday, I took all of my work out gear and Insanity DVD to work with me so that I could do it on my lunch break.  When my lunch rolled around I wasn’t exactly in the mood to do it.  I was a bit cranky and just wanted to swim around in that for a while.  So what did I do??  I jumped into my work out clothes and did it anyway!

The work out?  Cardio Power and Resistance.  Let me just say, this work out was just as hard the first time that I did it, but I can really tell just by doing this program a week that I am stronger.


Today’s work out will be Pure Cardio.  🙂


A mid-afternoon snack (Monday) and it was yummy!

1 apple and some almond butter




So far, it’s just been this lil beauty.  I am thinking eggs this morning, but I also want a smoothie.  Hmmm, what to do, what to do.  🙂


This week I have noticed something.  My joints really hurt.  I mean, even more so than usual.  I have had them give me aches and pains when a big storm is coming in, but this week (since Saturday) has been pretty constant.  It starts at my ankles and goes to the knees, the hips, the wrists, and the shoulders.   I haven’t been taking my Glucosamine, but I think it’s time to start taking it again.

I mentioned above that I was a bit cranky yesterday.  I had this customer walk in right in the middle of my crankiness.  Not good.  As I was walking to my desk I even muddled the words, “I just want to stop and cry!”  As I sat down, I noticed that it was a really nice lady that I had waited on before.  Not to divulge any information, we got to talking and then ended up both in tears.  She started to tell me she was sorry and then I was telling her that I was sorry.  🙂  Anyway, I wasn’t trying to minimize my own problems or issues, but I figured out that it could always be a little bit worse.  We had the best conversation and I even told her that helping her made me feel so much better.  We ended the transaction with a hug.   It was a pretty cool moment and reminded me of one of the reasons I work for the public.



Have you heard this song yet???

Question:  Have you ever met someone for just five minutes and it change your life?   



6 responses to “Morning Tuesday!

  1. I am a huge Jason Mraz fan, like huge. I have heard this song but I am still a fan of his older music. Get your packing in! So close!

  2. I adore Jason Mraz! Love that song!

  3. So exciting for your trip! And I hope the acheyness / soreness passes – physical and emotional 🙂

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