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The truth about exercise

on June 20, 2012

Is it really Wednesday?  How in the world did that happen?!  Boy am I already ready for the weekend… 🙂    Yesterday was a really good day!  I enjoyed being at work and it was a pretty smooth day.  Now, if you understand the banking world, you will know that I completely just jinxed myself. 😉


I also ate really well yesterday.  I stuck with my meal plan of this:


Breakfast:  Turkey link, one egg, one slice of toast

Snack:  cottage cheese and almonds

Lunch:  taco casserole (recipe to come!) and watermelon

Snack:  half a banana and 1 tbsp of dark chocolate dreams nut butter

Dinner:  Orange dream delight smoothie

Snack:  Annie’s cheesy bunnies (yum!)

Go team!!


I was thinking today about some things.  Why is it that some things just come naturally to people, while others struggle?  This could be with anything really, but from my point of view it would be weight and food.  Even if I was the size I wanted to be, I would still think it wasn’t good enough.    Working out for instance.  I could do the same work out as someone else, but our bodies may react in different ways.


8 Truths about Exercise:

  1. Working out will always feel hard.  Exercise is work, believe it or not.  🙂  If it were easy, everyone would love it!  For your body to change and for you to reach your goals, you will have to push yourself past what you can handle.  I think we can handle more than we realize.
  2. Not every activity is considered exercise.  Don’t get me wrong, moving period is great for you, but there are certain parameters that have to be met to be exercise.
  3. One workout may not undo a sedentary lifestyle.  The extra non-workout hours do matter!
  4. We don’t burn as many calories as we think.  Remember that most trackers are estimates.  It’s best to assume you are burning less than what the tracker may say.  You could always invest in a heart-rate monitor to help you keep track of your calorie burn.
  5. Exercise won’t allow you to eat whatever you want.  This one is a tough one for me.  Sometimes my mind will tell me that I can eat anything that I want, I will just work it off.  No!  It can actually have an opposite effect on your journey if you think this way.  Trust me, I know.
  6. Exercise alone won’t change your body.  To make changes to your body, you must exercise and watch your calories.
  7. You have to do it forever.  I’ll have to admit, this truth actually hurts.  There are some days that just getting thru a 20 minute workout kills me!  Then there are other days that I feel great and can do two hours!  To maintain, you still have to work out.  It’s really important to find a routine that works for you and stick with it.
  8. With that said, routine is a big enemy to exercise.  You have to change-up your routines often.  I am a creature of habit, so this is very difficult for me.  I love starting a new program and seeing the change and then…….nothing.  Disappointing, I know!  You can always try something new to change things up.  I would love to take salsa dance lessons. 🙂  Preferably with some of the guys from Dancing with the Stars.  Do you think Derek is free??



Aren’t they the best??



More vacation pics!


On one of our hikes, we ran across this tree and it’s break-down.  1765!!??


Yes, we found a Starbucks.  😉




There were a few indulgences.




Hmmm, I love this breakfast!

One 90 calorie english muffin, 2 tbsp of PB2, 1/2 of a banana, and some lovely coffee. 🙂



I had a friend send this to me by text…..



One response to “The truth about exercise

  1. I saw that e card and almost posted it. it made me laugh! I think exercise has so many functions for people but I hate seeing people do it and kill themselves doing it. In the end, you can’t accomplish everything with doing multiple workouts in a day. Thanks for posting that!

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