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July Goals

on July 2, 2012

I can’t believe that it’s July!  And holy moly it’s hot!  The humidity here in Arkansas is one word……brutal.  I don’t want to wish the next couple of months away, but I am ready for some cooler weather.


Sunday’s are supposed to be a day of rest, but I don’t think that I stopped until 8:00!  I was up by 5:30 reading my bible and having some coffee, then it was breakfast, then I headed to the neighbor’s house to feed their animals, back home, then church, washed my car (because it was nasty), worked out, and then it was time to head on out to a women’s bible study that I attend on Sunday nights.  Agh!  5:30 was a long time ago!  🙂


I really wanted to get into my book that I have been reading, but didn’t pick it up until late.  😦


As you know, my boss has been on vacation this past week.  Well, she comes back today!!  I am so glad too!  I will be glad to at least get a lunch this week. 🙂


Speaking of lunch….  Here is a tentative meal plan Monday:

Breakfast:    two slices of Rudi’s Gluten free spelt toast, white chocolate nut butter, 1/2 of a banana, and some chia seeds.

Snack:   half a Clif bar

Lunch:   turkey sandwich with Kale and provolone cheese and some cantaloupe

Snack:   (if I am hungry) half an apple with some nut butter

Dinner:    Salad with the fixings!  Chicken, spinach, dried cherries, almonds and anything else that I can find.  🙂



July Goals:

I really wanted to pick some goals that I would stick to.  Due to the fact that I am pretty rigid at work, in my down time I sometimes just fly by.  So here goes:

  1. Continue to drink more water.  This is something that I do regularly, but I have noticed that when I don’t drink enough during the day I feel very tired.  Especially since this summer we have had 100 degree weather.
  2. Eat clean.  I have been doing this for a week now, but didn’t want to talk about it as I might fail at it.  Then I thought, um I AM going to fail, some days.  I will no longer put pressure on myself when it comes to making mistakes.  I do want to use my food as an energy resource and not when I feel sad, happy, or even mad.  🙂
  3. Get more sleep.  This is also something that I have been working on.  Give or take a couple of days, it’s getting better.  I have been asleep pretty early lately.
  4. Stretch more!  I really want to try a yoga class.
  5. Try a boot camp class.  Ok, part of the reason that I love doing my workouts at home is because I have privacy.  I have taken classes before, like Zumba, but I really want to try a boot camp style class.  Part of my hesitation is, what if I can’t finish the class and people think that I am weak???   Crazy, I know.  But the thought is there.  So, I am going to call!
  6. Eat healthy fats.  Enough said.  Avocado, peanut butter, olive oil.


There are smaller goals that I want to attain, but they are more of a daily kind of thing.





I haven’t had this in a long time!  Um, it was just as good as I remembered.  Oh how I have missed you!





Question:  What’s the one goal that you hope to attain this July?

Have a great day!!





10 responses to “July Goals

  1. I want to work on eating healthy fats more often too!

  2. It looks like you have some great goals- good luck 🙂

  3. It sure is hot! And I love your goals — I need to remember to focus on stretching. I did so well with it when I was in physical therapy but then kind of slacked afterward…

  4. Kailey says:

    LOVE all your goals 😀
    Especially the one to eat more fats. Your breakfast looks SO good

  5. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    Great goals Brandi – and by your latest post it looks like you’re already off to a good start with them! I relate to disliking the heat too, I find Australian summers waaay too hot. I hope your weather settles down a bit for you :S

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