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Some Revelations

on July 10, 2012

Morning!  How was your Monday?   I hope it was a good one!


So I have read a couple of blogs over the last few days that have got me to thinking.  In a good way :).  You can find those posts here:

Happy is the new Healthy

Kate Moving Forward

Itty Bits of Balance



Over the last couple of months I have been really asking myself why continue to want this healthy lifestyle.  I know that I am going to have off days, but it’s been a bit ridiculous lately.  Some days I am truly committed and then other days I feel like I am in some sort of race to see how much I can consume.  That was part of the reason I had a dr’s appointment today, which was canceled.  They called right before my appointment to let me know that my doctor had an emergency and had to leave for the day.  My visit today was kind of important, mainly because I am going to get some blood drawn to get my hormone levels checked.


Kind of rambling, but here is my point.  After I read these posts I realized some things:

  1. Am I truly committed to living a healthy lifestyle.  To be honest, looking back I think that I was happier when I was 250 pounds.  Why?  I never worried about what I was putting into my mouth.  Ever.  Now?  Some days the first thing that I think about when I wake up the morning is food.  What am I going to eat?  How many calories?  Will I cheat today?  If I cheat, then I will do this.  On and on it goes.
  2. Am I happy?  Happy with where I am in life and with my weight.  I don’t even know if I can answer that question honestly right now.  I don’t think that I would be happy with my body if I was a size 0.  Which is never going to happen by the way.
  3. I never cut myself some slack.  If I miss a workout or feel like I disappoint someone it really bothers me.  Not sure why, but it does.  I can even dwell on in for days.
  4. I really want to finish a goal.  I really love to start them, but it’s finishing them that I have a problem with.  Hear me out.  Cleaning out the closets, or organizing a cabinet, I can do and finish it.  But when it comes to my body, the goals that I set seem harder to follow through on.  Why is that?   A while back I started the Insanity program and made it through two weeks of it, but my body really started to hurt.  I ached everywhere…..and not just soreness, pain.  Pain that would make my knees and ankles feel like they were going to explode.  Did I want to stop doing it, no, but my body wouldn’t let me continue.  I beat myself up for days on this one.  But now it’s out there.  Setting realistic goals should be my goal.
  5. I am an emotional eater.  Especially when it comes to stress.  I almost feed (no punt intended) off of stress.  Last Thursday was a pretty stressful day for me and all that I wanted to do was feed that stress.  Nothing satisfied it.  My goal would be to not have the types of food in the house that I can feed that stress with.
  6. Your true friends will accept you for who you are, not for what you can be.  They love you, support you, and encourage you.  I have realized something about friendships over the last few months.  Sometimes you must have time apart.  But God always sends you someone else.
  7. I want to break the habit of working out to eat.  Ever do this?  This is a crazy habit that I have done most of my life!  I can eat through any work out program, but I want it to all balance out and work together.
  8. Being single is ok.  I am 37 and I have had two serious relationships in my entire life.  Now to some, I must seem like this leper, but that is ok too.  🙂

These may apply to your life, they may not, but I just wanted to share what was rolling around in my head.  🙂




Yesterday I felt amazing!  I got up early to get my workout in: Running!  2.55 miles and then I did 20 minutes of arms.  After dinner last night I walked one mile to help with digestion.   Today’s workout will be a short yoga session.




Two eggs and one turkey link (cut in half) cooked in olive oil and some gluten-free toast.


I found a new snack!

Cottage cheese and almond butter.  Now before you curl up your nose at this, it’s pretty tasty.  🙂  I found it on Happy is the new Healthy.


What’s for lunch today?   I am taking some greek yogurt/granola mix for a snack and then later on I will have a salad.  That’s the plan anyway.  🙂

Have a great day!!








6 responses to “Some Revelations

  1. ok i love this, i actually was planning on doing a post like this when i return because my head has been in this place as well. i am so rigid sometimes and it defeats the purpose of happiness. i think that balance is easier said than done. I hope you find that and i will be thinking of you!

  2. This is a great post! I am an emotional eater too-for some reason I think that most women are. Stress usually adds to my eating when I probably shouldn’t. Since I have been so stressed out lately I have gained a pound or two and I am not happy about it. Need to re-focus STAT!

  3. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    This is a really great post Brandi. I’m impressed with your honest in expressing things and I agree so much with your points. Life is a bit of an evolving challenge and I guess we have to keep reminding ourselves of why we are doing things, and what matters and what doesn’t. It sounds like you’re doing really well at that!

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