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Hmmm, do you smell that?

on July 22, 2012

That’s coffee brewing!!  Good Morning!  So how was your Saturday?  Is anyone ready for cooler weather??  Or is it just me?  🙂   I did have to run into town for a bit, but other than that I pretty much stayed around the house.  My purpose for going to town?   I went to Wal-mart, mainly because it’s the only department store where I live and to purchase a small pool for Buster, my outside dog.

When I got there, I went straight to the pool section and then was directed to the lawn and garden.  Who knew??   The only thing that they had was this turtle pool for $43!!  I debated for a bit and then left.  I really did want to buy it, but man that was expensive!  A friend of mine had said that if I wanter their little pool that I could come get that, so I called her up and headed to her house.  Guess what??  It was the same stinkin pool!  The turtle!

Packed it up in the back of my car and headed home!  Now Buster is all set up!  I did have to murder a few wasp to get this set up…..they had somehow made this HUGE nest right where the handle to the water hose is.  There was a ton of them!  Agh!  I hate killing anything and did actually feel bad about it.  But I also hate being stung.  A lot.  🙂


I hope you are enjoying the morning wherever you are at….  In my devotion this morning it talked about looking for perfection.


Instead of seeking perfection in this fallen world, pour your engery into seeking Me: The Perfect One.




I haven’t had anything yet, but a cup of coffee.

Don’t ya just love it to pieces???



I thought this picture was really cool. 🙂



There are some mornings that I wish that I had this cute male Barista that would come to my house every morning to make me an espresso.  🙂  Woudn’t that just be cool?!!   Maybe it’s just me that want that?? :p


Got to go get ready for church!   Have a great day!




One response to “Hmmm, do you smell that?

  1. I love the smell of coffee in the mornings. My favorite for sure. It has been so much cooler!

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