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Eventful day!

on July 26, 2012

Morning!   Man! Yesterday was an eventful day!    Where do I start?  I headed into work this morning and on my way in there was someone on the side of the road in her car.  For a second I thought…hmm?  What in the world??  Just to make sure that she was ok, I turned around and headed back in her direction to make sure that she was ok.  She was.  There were two other guys walking down a connected road and she had moved the car in there direction.  I really thought she was sleeping.  Or worse.


Running.  For the past few weeks I have been running and I am really loving it.  Well, my treadmill died.  No, it really really died.  It won’t even turn on.  It is like 200 hundred years old.  Well, luckily I have a friend that has a brand spankin new one!  I am literally the first person to use it.  🙂  I am really enjoying running on a treadmill, but I may have to run on the road a bit too.  The reason that I don’t?  I live in the woods.  One word.  Snakes.      I just had a 2.5 mile run planned.  Done and done.


Let me back up a bit.  On my way to my friend’s house, there were some ladies on the side of the road with a flat tire.  In the heat!  They were headed to a convention in a nearby town an hour a way.  They were in dresses.  Did I mention it was hot??  I was in my running gear and um…..felt awkward….underdressed so to speak.  hehe.  A kind gentleman did finally stop to help get the tire changed and all is well.


Meal plan:

Breakfast:  egg/turkey bacon/ toast

Snack:    cherries

Lunch:    salad

Snack:    clementine

Dinner:    Not sure yet.  I scratched the dinner last night for a smoothie.  Wasn’t very hungry

Snack:  cherries



So what is on your agenda today??


Work?   Sleep?  Yard work?  Grocery shopping?  Vacationing??

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great day!





8 responses to “Eventful day!

  1. I always run outside, I need that stimulation to start the day. It was an eventful day!

  2. Lots of people on the side of the road for you! I’m glad they all ended up being ok / getting help with flat tires. Great that you get to use your friends new treadmill too 🙂

  3. Oh wow that was an eventful day!! I am glad that in all of those events, no one was hurt!!

  4. SWEET!!!! brand new treadmill, oh man, that would make my year! when i got my treaddy it was like i had my own child…and i treat it as such…love it! 🙂 haha…i’m so glad u’re loving ur running…it loves u back. 😉

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