Faith Fitness and Laughter


on August 12, 2012

Well hello Sunday!   As I set here and type this up, it’s a cool 65* outside.  Um, and zero humidity.  Well, even a little feels like zero.  🙂

Ahh, this was much-needed this morning.  🙂   Um, what’s that stuff floating in my coffee??   I had to use a different cream this morning due to the fact that I am out of my regular stuff.


Got a big day?  I have to start getting ready for church here in a bit, but for now I am just enjoying the morning.



I am also going to stop by and see a friend of mine after church.  She doesn’t know I am coming….;)


Um, have you ever seen the movie, The Strangers with Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman??  I started it last night, which was a big mistake, and I am finishing it this morning.  H-O-L-Y cow!   Scary stuff.  I am not sure why I torture myself like this.  Not that I am a scardy-cat or anything, well maybe I am, but these types of movies just suck you in!!   Oh my gosh, they electricity just went out!!! (on the movie)  Run Liv!!!!!!




Take time to take a deep breath this morning and love yourself at that very moment.   Have a wonderful Sunday!



6 responses to “Suntastic

  1. oh gosh I love the Strangers, so creepy though. You never want to be alone again.

  2. Haha, that is definitely not a movie for me!! I’m getting scared just reading 😛

  3. i LUV scary movies, but then i get really scared and act like a dork later. but i can’t help myself from watching them. 🙂

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