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Wednesday=half day.

on August 22, 2012

Hey!  Hola! Hello!  🙂  Happy Wednesday!   It’s been a marvelous day!!  The sun is out, it’s not too hot, and it’s just a good day.

Yum! Eggs!  I have really been wanting to change-up my breakfasts lately, but somehow keep making eggs. 🙂


Today was my half day at work!  I really enjoy being able to get some things done during the week.  Lately, I have really wanted to unplug from my computer.  I work with one all day long and sometimes coming home and getting in front of one makes my tummy turn.  I also find it hard to keep up with all of the blogs that I read.  I get behind and feel guilty about it.  :/  I want to actually live my life instead of living it around something.  Make sense?  Maybe it’s just me.


To do list:

  1. add a shoe shelf to closet
  2. wash car
  3. pick up prescription
  4. run 3.13 miles
  5. go to store
  6. lay something out for dinner


Before I ran this afternoon, I had a light lunch to get me through it…

Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek yogurt.  Dark Cherry.  Yum.



I felt really great on my ru, but I kept getting this muscle thing in my left quad.  At one point I just got off and did some stretching and it was all better.



Ghost 4’s!


I wanted to hand wash my car when I got home, so I got right to it when I pulled into the drive way.  All clean!!

Then it was smoothie time!



What are you up to today??    I think that I am going to read for a bit….:)  I finished Divergent in two days.  I have never done that before!!   I started the second book Insurgent and so far, it doesn’t disappoint.   I can’t tell you how great these books are!  You will get completely sucked in right when you start reading.







4 responses to “Wednesday=half day.

  1. I am so jealous of your half day. I am dying to try those greek yogurts, I just love greek yogurt.

  2. evafitness says:

    you were so productive! go you!!!! I’m with you, there are so many blogs I want to keep up with and yet I find it hard to even keep up with my own! there’s so many things I want to do everyday 🙂 I’m contemplating new proteiny breakfast creations…keep you posted 🙂 I ADORE eggs too so it’s hard

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