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Monday plus one.

on August 28, 2012

Morning! Morning!   Man, I am so glad that it’s Tuesday!  I only have to work until 5:00 and I have another run scheduled!  Aaaand, it means I only have 4 more days until I get a long weekend.  Pretty excited.  I am.  I really really am.  🙂

Yesterday was full of some super cool eats….Let’s see shall we?


My morning was shared with one of these.  And it was soooo good.



You know, there is a line at the top, but I wonder why the good stuff never reaches it???




A little while later I wanted some lunch and I have been craving yogurt lately.  Yum and Yum.


I intended to get the Yoplait because it has fewer calories and less sugar, but Chobani is all that they had.

I also put some granola on top 🙂


Last night I was in the laundry room washing up my workout clothes.  Let’s just say they were pretty rank.  Anyway, I just happen to look up and saw some ants.  I don’t mean any ole ant.  These suckers were HUGE.  and BLACK.  HUGE!!  After I crapped myself, I went to get some ant spray and then went to town.  You will never believe where the trail was coming from!!  I walked out on the back deck and stepped right into them!  I don’t believe that they are biting ants, but agh!!

I called my dad, because that’s what daddy’s girls do, and told him.  He seems to think that they are coming from the woods.  And yep, he was right.  So, I have to take care of it today………….in the daylight.  😉




Have you tried one of these??


I think they are pretty good!  They aren’t a Toll House or anything, but it does curb the cookie crave.


Late in the afternoon, I also nursed one of these.  🙂

I will be so sad when the Clementines are not in season and the local store stops carrying them.


For dinner I made some quesadilla’s out of chicken, refried beans and some cheese.  I placed all of the ingredients on a tortilla and then heated it until the cheese melted.  I guess I was starving because I scarfed it down!  With no picture.  🙂


What do you have planned for today?  How do you fight hunger pains in the afternoon??


I am off to make some breakfast, hope you have a great day!


4 responses to “Monday plus one.

  1. Love clementines, so good!

  2. Eek to the ants! Tackling them in daylight definietly sounds like the way to go 😛 I make an effort to plan larger snacks in the afternoon – or if not, two regular sized ones – because that’s when I tend to be hungry. I’ve never seen those bars but yoghurt and cereal are definitely favourites!

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