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Exciting News!

How has your Sunday been??   I hope it’s been a good one!


So, I have some exciting news to tell you.  I really can’t contain myself!  As of this very moment I have a running coach!!!   Yes, I said it!   Running Coach.  It’s none other than fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Cait Chock over at The Arty Runner Chick.

I couldn’t be more excited about this!  Cait posted this great post over at her blog the other day… and it really kind of sums up why I wanted to reach out to someone who was a lot more knowledge about the sport.

What does this mean?  It means this:  I was looking for more structure when it came to my running.  I have really been just getting on the treadmill and taking off.  What I want is to develop more speed, endurance, and balance.

Not only do I want to work on my running, but I also want to be able to fuel my body for it correctly.  I’ll admit, running makes me want to eat a horse sometimes, but what I want is a balance around that horse.  So Cait will be sending me a meal plan to properly fuel my running body and horse seeking tummy.  🙂

Upon her request, I sent a total of my mileage since April and a condensed list of some of my favorite meals that would give her an idea of what I like and what I was eating.  See, I don’t think that I was eating properly and I wanted her to see that.  I wanted her to see that I drink a mocha or and iced coffee nearly every day.  I wanted her to see that I really don’t measure out anything when I eat my meals.  The beauty of all of this is the balance in the meal plan that she sent me.  Some of you are probably thinking…”um, you couldn’t come up with your own meal plan???”  Yes and no.  Sure I can come up with a meal plan, but there is also something about not thinking about it.  I just look down the list, get the items I need and then bam!

I also wanted to share the goals that I sent to Cait:

  1. Build speed.
  2. Run 13.1 miles.  No, it’s not a marathon, but it’s enough for right now.
  3. Build my confidence.
  4. Work on diet/nutrition.
  5. Lose weight.

Really and truly, these goals are really all tied together.  When I reach one of them, they all fall into place.  Because I can’t tell you how much running has affected me.  I really can’t.  The other day, my dad told me that every time I start something new that is all that I want to talk about.  I’ll be honest, it didn’t come at a good moment for me and it kind of hurt my feelings.  (I tend to wear them on my sleeves).  I don’t want it to hurt my feelings though, I want it to spur me on!

One of the things that I am really loving so far is that Cait is so encouraging.  Failure is not an option.  I can see how running has made her into who she is today.  🙂


My first week:

  • Monday:  2 miles (easy pace)
  • Tuesday:  light stretching
  • Wednesday:  3 miles (speed run)
  • Thursday:  light stretching
  • Friday:  2 miles (easy pace)
  • Saturday:  light stretching
  • Sunday:  6 miles (easy pace)


I love that we all have different journey’s that we are on.  I really am excited to incorporate running into mine.  🙂


So that’s it.  I now have a running coach.  Someone to do the thinking for me.  Someone to push me past my limits.  Someone to refocus my negative thoughts into positive ones.


Thank you so much for being apart of my journey!  I will be sure to keep you posted on how it is going and continue to post pics of my eats, but on a more structured basis…..not so sporadic.


Cait, you are a special young woman and I am so glad to be apart of your running smartness.  🙂



Cait instructed me not to run more than 5 miles today, so that is what I did this morning before church.  5 miles.  Done.  The more that I run, the better I feel.


Well, that’s it guys!  I hope you have a great night!



Soccer stars!

So today was full of eventful stuff.  🙂


Stuff like this:

Go #6!!


And this….



Crazy kids!


After a little soccer it was lunch time!


Holy cow this was good.



After lunch, it was birthday time!  For this girl….

She will be 8 tomorrow!!


There was lots of playing, some cupcakes, and then of course presents!


Looks like my brother had to get in on the action….  🙂    When my brother and I get together, we turn into 10 year olds I swear.  We were laughing so hard that I thought I was going to pee myself.  You know, that laughing where you get a bit weak??  Lol!  It makes me laugh just thinking about it!


I love fall.


I would really like it if it was a liiiittle bit cooler, but I’ll take anything over triple digits.  Even though there was overcast the entire day, it was still the perfect day for soccer games and a birthday party.



20 minute upper body workout.


I’m out…..Have a great night and I will see you guys tomorrow!



A lil eggs and a lil banana

Hi!  You know, I can’t even sleep in on the weekend.  At 5:30 my body just woke up.  For the love of Pete!  It’s not so bad though.  The morning is when I feel most productive and I am able to catch up on some things.  I also like the quiet time.

So today is going to be a busy day!  My niece and nephew have their soccer games and then my niece is having a birthday party at one of the playgrounds nearby.  I can’t tell you how into girly stuff she is right now.  🙂  She is so beautiful!  I know that my SNL and brother will remind her that it is the heart that is the most important.




Man, I can’t tell you how long this week was to me.  And what’s worse, yesterday was just long in itself.  Lol, I told my boss that I didn’t think that I needed to be around people.  She of course just laughed.  🙂   I was totally serious though.  It was not pretty.  We were down one and it was really busy with hard stuff.  Let’s just say that it wasn’t one of those “I just need to make a deposit” kind of day.  It was more of a “something isn’t right on my account” kind of days.

I didn’t sleep the night before, so I had to wait until I got home to run.  I walked right into the house, changed into my gear, and walked right back out the door.  3.35 done.  So it’s the last week of the September Miles Madness and I was able to increase my mileage every week!  I turned in 16.01!!  The first week I turned in 8.   Thanks Cait!!!


Still have some exciting news to share with you, but it doesn’t start until Monday.  I am however, going to share it with you Sunday night.  Pretty stoked about it!



Finally picked up some spinach!!!



It’s nice and fall-ish outside today!   Maybe a bit humid, but much better than yesterday.  It was near 90!!




What are your plans for the weekend??


Whatever you do today, I hope you have a great one!!



That’s Me Without You.

Morning!  I am so unbelievably excited that it’s Friday.  It’s been a long (and somewhat draggy) week.  Yesterday seemed to just drag on forever to me.  I even had a customer come in right before we closed with a pretty complicated issue.  I ended up being at work until nearly 7:00.  I also still had to check on my friends animals when I got home, so it was almost 7:30 before I walked in the door.  Ugh.  Long day.

I was also pretty weepy last night too.  Can I just say (sorry guys) hormones are the worst.  I watched Grey’s last night and completely wept like a baby.  Don’t worry, for those of you who haven’t watched it yet.  I am not going to spoil it for you.  🙂

I am off this Saturday and this is something that I am also pretty excited about.  I am finally going to get to see one of my niece and nephews soccer games!




I have a run scheduled for today and was going to do it before work this morning, but since I didn’t sleep all that great I am going to move it to this afternoon.


I love this song!


Have an awesome day!


Peak time for everything?

Morning!!   And how is your Thursday so far??   Well, seeing is how I have only been up 30 minutes not much has happened.  I have at least had some water and coffee.

I did go to bed early last night and slept really well!   My parents are coming in today, but I am hoping to go to bed early again tonight.  Sleep is good!!

I found this online article on Yahoo Finance about: The Peak Time for Everything.    I found if very interesting!  It talks about the difference between people who get up early or sleep in and how the best time for them to function is.  I love this one….”taking a warm shower can jumpstart the morning process.” (emp mine)  There are some days that if I take a shower right when I get up, it totally wakes me up and I am good to go!


Exciting News:

So I have some really exciting news!!!!  I mean I can hardly contain myself!!   Really!!  But, this fantastic news doesn’t start until Monday.  Just know this, it is the most awesomest news EVER.




I have been having my smoothies this week, but I wanted something a little different this morning.  Well, let’s not get too crazy.  I went with an old standby: 1 egg, 1 slice of gouda cheese, 1 english muffin.  (I really need to get some spinach!!)

Aaaand, another cup of coffee.



Today I am going to take it easy.  I am enjoying the running so much, but I really don’t want to stress my body out.  It’s the final week in Team Cait’s September Miles Madness and I want to turn in as many miles as I can, but I also want to still be able to run the following week.  🙂   So far I have 12.66 to turn in.  I have one more run scheduled for the week and it should put me up to 15!    I can honestly say that I experienced my first runners high this past Sunday.  I really do think I can!  I mean that high lasted for a couple of days people!  Is that normal??? 


Question:  What time of the day do you best function?  Morning, afternoon, night-time??   I personally do my best work in the morning.  I love to get up and start my day on a positive note.   What movie was that line in???  “Tomorrow is a day without any mistakes”  I am totally paraphrasing, but it kind of goes like that.  Geeze what movie was that???!


Well, you guys have a great morning and a great day!  🙂


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