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Simple oaty morning….and a creeper.

on September 1, 2012

Morning!!   Ahhh, how I love long weekends!!

Um, I really need to clean my laptop!


Got a creeper!  She is the sweetest little thing…  Sophie.  Last night, she got up in the bed with me and she is sweet little cuddle buddy.  🙂



Coffee was a must this morning.  My father and I got up pretty early, as we always do, to take my car to get the compressor fixed.


See my parents live in an RV about 8 to 9 months out of the year.  Hence why I live at home.  Let me back up a bit.  My parents have some good friends that also RV’d and lived in theirs fulltime, but they also owned a home where we live.  Long story short, I ended up living in their home while they were away for about 4 years.  I loved it!  It is such a beautiful home….hardwood floors, a big kitchen/dining area, and a HUGE living room/library area.  My bedroom was pretty big too!  It was just a really neat place to live.  I also had the best time keeping up the yard!  I know weird right…. It was and is just a cute place.

Anyway, right before I left money began to get very tight (2010) and the couple that owned it was toying with the idea of wanting to come home.  This meant that they would need the home.  My parents and I sat down to discuss my options and since I was already driving out to their house daily to check on things and feed their animals, we decided to just move me back home.  So for about 8 to 9 months out of the year I get the house to myself.  Living at home allows me to help them and take care of things and it also helps me out as well.  My brother has his own family and can’t really go out to their house everyday.

Some may turn their nose up to me when I say that I live at home, but that’s ok.  I really do enjoy spending this time with my parents.  They aren’t always going to be here.



What are your plans for this long weekend??   Anyone cooking out?  Where I am staying at is mainly a retirement town, so I am enjoying the slow pace.  😉  I think that we are going to take it easy until dinner and then head to a steak place close by.


Post 245!!!  Yay!!


Later guys!  


6 responses to “Simple oaty morning….and a creeper.

  1. no big plans this weekend but I hope you have a great one!

  2. Brenda says:

    Brandi, you enjoy your weekend……I think it’s great that you can live at home with your parents. We all need to do what is best for us and what makes us happy no matter what others think. God is the only one we have to answer to! Love you girl!

  3. Hey! I live with my parents too right now! Sometimes it’s just the best decision for the time–and there are definitely perks! We’ve also temporarily lived with my husband’s parents so no bigs

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