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A little MIA

on September 12, 2012

Morning Morning!   I hope this week hasn’t been too hard on ya!  Sorry I have been a little MIA lately….. But lately, I haven’t really had much to say.  Do you ever go through that??  I felt like I would have been posting the same old pictures, and saying the same old thing in my posts, so I thought I would take a break.

Work has been busy with the end of the quarter coming up, but I am excited about the goals that we are going to meet.  I hope that we can knock a couple of them out today!


Enjoying a great cup of coffee this morning!


Getting back in the groove after being on vacation can be pretty hard.  Not that I am not up for the challenge mind you, but it can be hard when you only get a few hours in the day.  Balancing them is the difficult part.  I don’t think that I have been getting enough sleep either.  This, is not good for energy.  🙂



I have kept my miles up for Team Cait!   I feel very accountable with my miles after signing up for this.  I mean, I kept up with them, but after signing up I feel more like someone is depending on me to get out there and run!  :p

Monday was a run day for me, but I was having some tummy issues and when I got on the mill it was not happening.  I actually had to stop and head to the john.  Sorry to be crude, but it really did suck.  Do most runners have tummy issues??  I think my vitamins are not spread out enough and was causing my tummy to talk back.  Not good.

I have adjusted them so we will see what happens.


Monday:  30 minute interval workout

Tuesday:  3.4 mile run.



I am really glad that it’s Wednesday.  I really am.  🙂   I am off this weekend and I am going to see my nephew and niece play some soccer!  Oh be ready for some pictures…:p







I still can’t get enough of this yogurt bowl!  So.delicious.


I am continuing a couple of bible studies and one of them is directly connected to women’s insecurities.  Are you insecure about anything?   I know that there are lots of things that women can be insecure about, but from my own experience there is usually something (maybe a bad experience) that causes this insecurity.  If you ask someone who knows me, I always love to laugh and I like to defuse a situation with humor.  If I see someone who feels uncomfortable, I will try to make them feel at ease, usually using laughter.

But when it comes to relationships, I would rather crawl into a hole and not deal.  I am not sure why, but I lose all confidence when it comes to men.  Hear me out.  It’s usually only with single men.  Having an intelligent conversation with a man is not hard for me.  Especially if it’s about something that I love or have knowledge about.

If I know that they are single or I am remotely attracted to them, I turn into this silly girl.  I hope you don’t think that I am cutting myself down, but it really has been something that I have noticed lately.

I was in McDonald’s yesterday with my boss and this nice looking guy walks in.  I immediately clam up.  I already know what he is thinking and that he is grossed out by my just being in the room.  (that may be a shot at myself)  I never make eye contact with a guy, so I tried to be conscious of that when he was standing next to us.  I mean, I didn’t want to bat my eyes at him or anything, but I just wanted to be nice.  Sometimes I think guys have this idea that we as women want to birth children if we smile at them.  This is not always the case fella’s.  Anyway, he was nice.  I frequent McD’s a lot (for coffee) and he needed help making the cashier understand what he wanted, so I helped.  If you knew me, this is huge!

I know this is probably a lame topic, but this blog is a journal of my life and dealing with the opposite sex is part of my life.  Um, did that sound bad??  🙂

Anyway, the McD’s guy thanked me and smiled.  He was cute and had a really nice smile.

(I can only imagine my parents conversation after reading this!)


Well, I have to run.  Eat breakfast and get ready for work.


Question:  What are you like when it comes to relationships and the insecurities that comes with them?



2 responses to “A little MIA

  1. aw I am the same way, just because I have never been in a relationship. men still baffle me! I think we all need a little blogging break sometimes. Happens!

  2. Hahaha I like the tad about your parents! I know what you mean about guys…they’re so tricky to understand sometimes! Even after being in a relationship for years, I still don’t understand some of the things that my boyfriend thinks. It causes problems sometimes because of the misunderstanding due to our opposite sex thing. If that makes any sense?

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