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Treadmill has a new home. Mine!

on September 18, 2012

Hey!  And how has your day been??   It’s been a good day!   I have struggled with a headache for the last couple of days and I was so glad that it let up this afternoon…….without taking anything.  🙂

So excited about this!  I will be running in the morning and I am loving the idea of just walking out my front door.  🙂   Crazy excited!   I hope to get into bed pretty early tonight so that I can just pop up out of bed and get my run on.  I have a slight case of insomnia for about two weeks now, so I am really hoping I can go to sleep early.


The rest of my day went by pretty smoothly….for some reason I got really sleepy around 3:00.  I mean, I couldn’t keep my eyes open!  Hitting a wall can be exhausting sometimes.


But before I hit that wall, I had my yogurt bowl.



The fair is in town!!   Every September the fair comes to town.  As you can imagine town was pretty jammed packed with traffic.  I chose not to attend tonight, but will make my way there probably the same night that my niece and nephew go.  I text my brother right after work tonight and he said…..”Thursday”

Ahhh, just another reason I love Fall.  Fairs.  🙂


Dinner!  I wanted something fast and light.  Enter the Smoothie.



Have a great night!



3 responses to “Treadmill has a new home. Mine!

  1. I love yogurt bowls, my favorite is using some unsweetened greek yogurt

  2. SWEET GOODNESS!!!! can i say u should have a treadmill party?!?!?! i totally would!! when i got my treadmill it was like i had a child…no joke, if i could i’d curl up and sleep next to it. 🙂

  3. Very cool TM- have fun with it!

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