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A night at the fair!

on September 20, 2012

Hello!  How was your day?  How’s it going?  I hope that you had the best day. 🙂

Let’s get right to it……  This post my be a bit random as I feel like I have a lot on my mind.  Some that I can share and some that I would just like to keep private.

For the last couple of days I have had something weighing on my mind.  Well, I have probably been thinking about this for months now.  Um, this is the part that I would like to keep private.  :/    I have really been all over the place emotionally and not really sure why.  I think that if we have sin in our lives or are being convicted of things then I am pretty sure we are going to be miserable.  There are some days that I just want to crawl up in a ball and hide, but I know that this is the wrong thing to do.  I actually almost talked myself out of going to the fair tonight.  I just didn’t want to be around people.

I have a few triggers that cause these feelings and sometimes it’s hard to see them coming on.


Today on my lunch break I thought that I would go for a ride to a local park.  I took my bible and my Experiencing God study and had such a great time spending it with the Lord.


I really did think that my life would be different at this stage in my life.  Have you ever felt discontented in every aspect of your life?  Emotionally, spiritually, physically, relational….  all of it.

I read a great post by Kate @ Kate Moving Forward that reminded me that we all go through seasons in our lives.  Through this Experiencing God study that I am doing, I am opening my eyes to the fact that God is still in control.  This is something that I know, but don’t always act like it.  I know that sometimes my attitude tells God that it’s a burden to be his daughter.  I really hate that.

I really thought that I would be on the mission field at this time in my life.  I really thought that I would be married at this point in my life.  I really thought that I would be debt free at this time in my life.  I really thought that I wouldn’t be the third and fifth wheel all of my life, I really thought that things would be different.

Here’s the sad thing.  Sometimes I think that I can be so stubborn and hard-headed that some of the reasons that I don’t have these things are my own doing.  Ugh.  It’s pretty humbling to say the least.  The best part about feeling like this is that I know where to take it.  I know that true peace and contentment comes from Him.



I did end up going to the fair:  🙂


It’s so much fun walking around seeing people who you know all in the same place.  🙂


Sorry to be so sad and funky….it’s been a weird couple of days.


Have a great night 🙂


2 responses to “A night at the fair!

  1. I think we all have these expectations and set points that we determined in our life but just know that while it may seem like you did not reach that, you have come so far in so many ways. never doubt the path god has set – something I remind myself a lot

  2. Looks like you had fun at the fair. I always like to get an elephant ear or funnel cake if I go. So good, but so bad!

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