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A lil Caramel and a lil Pecan

on September 23, 2012

Morning!   How are you this morning??  Since I took a “rest” day yesterday, today is going to be my long run.  I am shooting for 5 miles again.  Here’s the thing, since I have done it before, I know that I can do it.  So no baking out!!

I did manage a mild workout in last night.  I walked for 10 minutes, did a leg workout (twice through), and then walked for another 15 minutes.  It was about a 30 minute workout and I felt great when I was all finished.


Last nights dinner:

  • one turkey burger (minus the bun)
  • one slice of gouda cheese
  • veggies with cheese
  • sweet potatoe fries (with some rosemary)


Oh!  Before I ate, I went down to my friend’s house to check on her animals.  She has the cutest dogs!!


Her eyes are really that blue!


Isn’t she sweet??!!


Ok, this new app that I have is addicting.


Well this post is sporadic!  This was a mid-day snack earlier in the afternoon.  🙂


Getting ready for church!  Have a great day!


2 responses to “A lil Caramel and a lil Pecan

  1. You know how to make a tasty snack, yum!

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