Faith Fitness and Laughter

I mean seriously….

on October 4, 2012

Holy cow today was CRAZY!!  I mean really crazy busy.   *insert heavy sigh*  🙂   Today seemed to be jammed packed with really difficult thinking problems.  Once I would finish something, it was time for the next problem.  The one good thing?  Today just flew by to me.  So fast that the only pictures that I took today were of breakfast.



I was really excited to try this breakfast!  That is the one of the many great things about Cait sending me a meal plan.  She only sent me a couple of days worth, but it has really got my brain juiced up to come up with some ideas for meals.


1 egg/egg beaters combo with spinach

1 frozen waffle

1/2 of one banana


Lunch today was: one slice of whole wheat bread, 6 slices of turkey slices (thin), lettuce, 6 oz of cherry greek yogurt, and some strawberries.


It was so busy this afternoon that I didn’t even have time for an afternoon snack!



Tonight I am just going to chill out, go to bed early, and get up in the morning and do it all over again. 🙂


You can’t see the tv very well, but that is Captain America!  🙂   Look at my sweat little man…


I almost forgot!!  Remember the September Miles Madness that I was apart of??  There were two teams of compiled runners, we ran each week and then turned in our miles at the end of each week.  Guess what?  Our team won!!  Everyone did such a great job!  Go Team Cait!


Welp, I am pooped.  You guys have a super night!



2 responses to “I mean seriously….

  1. YAY!! i’m happy that u’re liking ur breakfasts and meal plan. and u know wat how AWESOME that we won the challenge, i’m so happy that u took part girl! have a great night! 🙂

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