Faith Fitness and Laughter

Key lime yogurt anyone?

on October 5, 2012

Morning!   Thank the lord it’s Friday!   I am really just ready for this week to end….  It’s been a character building week to say the least.  🙂  Surprisingly its been great with the eating and training!   Stress always makes me make bad decisions when it comes to food, but not this week!

This weekend is going to be a super busy one.  We are having Timberfest this weekend (Friday night and all day Saturday), my work team is heading up the car show, I also have to work.  Aaaand, it’s supposed to rain.  This should be interesting.  😉



I took this…


And this…


aaaand this..


And made this.. 😉




2 miles at an easy pace.  Done and done.  I felt really good on this run.  Concentrated on my breathing and stride…..and just really enjoyed the run.  🙂


Mile One:    9.32

Mile Two:    9.13


Total time:    18.53

Average pace:    9.23



Got a busy day ahead of me….I hope you have a good one!  See ya later!



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