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10 Secret Stressors

on October 11, 2012

Just wanted to pop in to say a quick hello!  I hope that you have a had a wonderful day.  🙂    It actually turned out to be a hot day.  It started out with some overcast, which was cool at first, but then by noon it was hot.  In fact, I had the AC on in my car on the way home and it’s currently on in the house right now.  It’s supposed to be this way for the next week or so….


So what are you doing tonight??  Going to watch the Vice-Presidential Debate??



No picture, but I had 3 oz of chicken, brussels sprouts and half of a banana.



This afternoon I tried a new snack and really loved it…

Raspberry greek yogurt!



For dinner I had one chicken link, one small red potato, and the rest of the brussels sprouts.



3 mile run with 3 sets of speed drills.

Mile One:    9.22

Mile Two:    8.44

Mile Three:    9.17


Total time:    27.33

Average pace:    9.07


On tomorrow’s schedule??  2 miles easy pace.


I read the a list today on Yahoo Health about some things that cause stress in our lives that we may not necessarily think that would cause us stress.

  1. Your dog
  2. co-workers
  3. your doctor
  4. your bedroom
  5. your alarm clock
  6. facebook
  7. your keys
  8. your computer
  9. the light in your bathroom
  10. celebrity gossip


I can see why some of them would cause stress, but there were a few that surprised me.  Dog???  If you have a pet that might be sick a lot, or even chew on things constantly, then it might cause unwanted stress and anxiety.

Celebrity gossip??  I wouldn’t have thought about it, but I can see it.  Comparison.  That is all that I am going to say.

Bathroom light?  If the light isn’t flattering and shows some fo the things that you might not want to see….well you get the picture.

The list is worth checking out.. 🙂





5 responses to “10 Secret Stressors

  1. Interesting list! The light in your bathroom has me cracking up. Who ever would have thought? 😀 I can see the point re. unflattering light but for some reason it strikes me as incredibly funny (perhaps the MIRROR in the bathroom would be a better listing!).

  2. Laura says:

    Love this list – especially Facebook! That’s why I deleted my account years ago!

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