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We all have worth

on October 21, 2012

Morning Morning!  I hope your weekend has been a great one!   This past week, to me, has kind of been all over the place with blogging.  I have stuck to my schedule, but it just seems like I ran out of daylight to blog.  I have also barely managed to get pictures of my meals!  Agh!  Breakfast hasn’t been that hard, but once the day gets going I lose track of time.


Let’s back up to Friday:

I had to work all day, but I got an invite from my friend to her daughters slumber party.  Now I couldn’t stay all night, but I was sure going to put in an appearance.  Ahhh, remember the days where you could just enjoy being a kid and dance the night away??  We had Just Dance 3 and 4.  Whew!  That game can really make you sweat!  We had a blast!   I think I left around 10:00 seeing as how I had to work the next day.

A good friend (Gale) texted me while I was there to ask me to call her…..and when I did she told me that she wanted to go to the Casting Crowns concert this weekend and she needed someone to go with her.  See, the concert was last night (Saturday) and she wasn’t sure if we could actually get tickets, but if she did, did I want to go??  Sure!



I got up really early to start my day, which I love doing, and headed into work.  Right when I got off work, Gale called me to tell me that she was able to get tickets!  So…..we were going to the concert!  It’s funny, I haven’t been to a whole lot of concerts, but this is probably the smoothest one that I have been to.  Gale lives like 15 minutes from the arena, she paid for close parking, and for last minute tickets the seats were great!

Walking up the hill…


Casting Crowns had a couple of opening acts and one of them just happen to be one of my favorite bands…..Kristian Stanfill.  They sang a couple of songs and they were great!

Not the best pictures, but it was such a great show!


I have always loved Casting Crowns, but I have never been able to see them in concert.  Did you know that they go home every weekend to serve in their own churches??  They do.  In fact, they were leaving right after the concert to do just that.

Their music was great and they sound really great live!  I think what I enjoyed the most was the message that they were spreading.

It was pretty amazing to see so many people there.  We all have problems.  We all feel lonely at times.  We feel like outcasts.  But when we are together, being one, it was pretty amazing.  We were able to put aside ourselves and just be there, worshiping God, together.

Something that was said last night really resonated with me.  “Your future is a memory to God.”  How cool is that??   I know life can seem really hard at times.  We deal with difficult stuff.  It’s so easy to let that get us down and dictate what we present to the world.  We worry about what people think and let that take us to a place of rejection.  But see, God loves us so much that when these things happen in our lives He wants us to turn to Him.  Because He created us and knew us before we were even born, He has our future planned out for us.  I want to live like I know that!

We all have worth, we are all important.



Today is my long run!!   6 miles.  You know, 6 months ago this wouldn’t seem easy to me, but I am pretty excited about getting out there.

Because I got home so last from the concert, I really felt like my body needed sleep this morning, so I will be doing my run when I get home from church.  Do I like to run in the afternoon??  It’s not so bad, but I do prefer mornings… 🙂



Oatmeal with one tbsp of almond butter and one egg.  (I am out of fruit)


I hope you guys have a great Sunday!


2 responses to “We all have worth

  1. wow what a great weekend! i too enjoy waking up early and getting things done

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