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Wednesday is gonna have wings!

on October 24, 2012

Morning!   It’s my Friday!   I just have this feeling that this day is gonna go two ways.  It’s either gonna fly by or drag by.  😉  I am hoping for the former.  Well, at least until I get home.  I have so much to do today!

Am I weird that I want to clean the house before I leave??  I really don’t like coming home from a vacation to a house that needs to be cleaned.  I will even change out my sheets whether they need it or not before I leave.  Coming home to clean sheets….ahhh.  🙂  I mean I do the whole nine yards… dust, mop, toilets….you get the picture.


Halloween is next week!!   Here’s the deal.  I love the holidays.  I really do!  Everything about them!  But it’s Halloween that starts the holiday foods.  Halloween leads to Thanksgiving and more baking.  Thanksgiving leads to Christmas and parties with cookies and cheesecakes.  Christmas leads to New Years and more food themed parties.  New Years leads to Valentines, which involves copious amounts of chocolate.  That’s 5 months of candy, cookies, cakes, fudge….You get the picture.

How do you prepare for the holidays??  Do you restrict yourself from having a good time?  Or, do you enjoy the holidays to the fullest and eat everything that is put in front of you?  Is and should there be a balance??

For me, there has to be a balance.  I really hate restricting myself from enjoying everything about the holidays.  Restricting leads to so many other harmful things.





One banana, one egg, and one pumpkin spice waffle with one tbsp of almond butter.


Well, I am off to get a shower and start my day!  Have a great one and check ya later!!


9 responses to “Wednesday is gonna have wings!

  1. I hope that your “Friday” goes by fast!

  2. evafitness says:

    clean sheets after vacation are divine!!! I’m with you on the Holidays, balance! I make fun healthy treats all season long – I put cinnamon in my coffee, I bake healthy treats to bring to parties, I toss huge fun salads with cranberries to bring or have at family dinners, pumpkin hummus with my carrots – but none of those things don’t belong in a normal healthy day. And then on actual holidays I indulge – on Tday I’ll eat turkey and salad/veg and all the pumpkin pie I want. On Christmas Day I let myself have whatever treats cookies, m&m’s I want! On NYE I’ll drink champagne and eat whatever sweets suit my fancy! That’s just three days out of the whole season – nothing to feel bad about! Hope your day was speeeeedy!!!

  3. i am the same way, I always like to clean before i leave so i come home to a clean house and don’t have to worry about it

  4. That pumpkin is so cute! 🙂 And I am jealous that your week is over today!!

  5. have a WONDERFUL vaca!! 🙂 oh yes, the holidays stress people out plenty with food, but it’s always balance and moderation that retains sanity! there IS a way to make it thru the food-fest, just pick wat u really like and remember portions. oh and running burns off dem calories! 😉

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